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Seafair Pow-Wow 2015


TBT. But every day is a good day to be indigenous! 

(Just some photos taken throughout my year as the Stampede Indian Princess) 1st Photo taken by Karyn Lee, photos 2-7 taken by Noah Fallis from Calgary’s Avenue Magazine

Excuse me for the rant I’m about to do, but I wanted to point out again that these are the REAL founding fathers of America. Not Christofer or whoever else people say is. Europeans came over and took THEIR land and claimed it as their own. They KILLED and FORCED all of them out if their homes and onto reservations. It pisses me off and we almost NEVER learn about the Native Americans in our history classes even though we are sitting in a school built on THEIR territory but people do not even have enough respect to put them in our education curriculum. And I also wanted to bring this up because summer is coming and people looooove to talk shit about my red skin and say “Ew your skin is so red what the fuck.” “You look like a lobster hahahaha.” and “OMG you’re so sunburned.” So excuse me and back the fuck up. I am not sunburned, that is the color of my ethnicity and race. Saying that shit is just as racist as anything else. If you’re allowed to love your white, tan, and black skin I am allowed to love my red skin. And no, I never lived in a tribe or reservation and I don’t speak any of the languages. But most of you never lived in Europe, Mexico, or Africa or speak a native language so you can stop with that there. And yes, I am part white, but the majority of my family starting from my great parents and back are mainly or full either Cherokee, Blackfoot, or Chickasaw. DO NOT try to invalidate me and my race. I have pride in my people and where I come from, thank you very much.


The Evolution Of Angel Haze

“People need representation,” Haze stresses. “It means a lot to have any sort of representation.”

All the more impactful, then, that Haze has been increasingly more vocal about their gender.

“I feel like my agenderness and my gender identity have evolved,” they say. “I spent a lot of time, in my earlier years of limelight, suppressing myself.”

That age of suppression is coming to an end. They add that in their language — Haze is Creole, Cherokee, and Blackfoot Indian, and a self-taught speaker of Tsalagi — their identity means two-spirited. “It’s normal that people can feel like they’re two things trapped in one body.” They will continue, through their various forums of advocacy, to further this message of normality. No big deal, nothing to see here — nothing, that is, besides a really, really good rapper.

Though Haze’s gender identity has evolved with the passing years, and their stint on Truce prompts their week-to-week evolution in the television personality game, there is one thing that seems, always, to come easy.
“Performing is natural,” they tell me. And I’m inclined to believe them, if only because their force of presence behind the mic — their vitality, their singular style, their certain brand of fearlessness — always makes it seem so.

Onstage, Haze says, “everyone knows what I’m about. What I’m going to do.”

Y’all wanna read an interview about an incredible rapper by a reporter who properly genders them throughout the article? Of course you do.

witchling-guidence  asked:

Did you do ancestry. Com? I did, but i didnt pop up with native american, exactly. It had been kinda removed for my dna due to years without having the dna in out system. I know i am Blackfoot Indian though. My great great grandmother told us that her family was. According to the DNA thing it drops the DNA at a certain part in the DNA, does that make sence?

I don’t trust DNA tests because the majority of natives refuse to get tested because it’s another form of colonization. So even if a native got a DNA test it would be hard to say how much Native or what tribe due to the very very very limited pool that has been tested prior. So, no, I didn’t do I was enrolled as a tribal member at birth pretty much. My mom took me to get my CDIB card when I was like four or five. I’ve been attending pow wows my whole life.

Also, the thing about being native is that you can’t get a result on a website and suddenly be native. It’s being raised in the culture, being involved in activism, being taught sacred ways, being an accepted and acknowledged member of the tribe and community. It’s more than blood quantum and DNA percentage. It’s who we are.

Also, in the future please remember we are a spirit refuge and to keep your asks related to that. We are not google.

++Mod Vi

Yeah, I didn’t do I don’t remember now what my dad used (I was something like 8 at the time,) but it wasn’t from a website. It was something that came recommended to him from his Waccamaw friend. It wasn’t something used by anyone non-Indigenous, something that factored in percentage and blood quantum, not simply DNA. DNA test was what I said to keep it simple because it’s hard to explain it all to non-Indigenous people when you’re low on spoons.

And like Mod Vi said, we’re not Google, and this is a spirit based blog. Let’s please keep it to that. We all have mainblogs the majority of this can be discussed on.

~Mod Faery

emexb  asked:

I have a little Cherokee blood in me, but it still hugely affects me. I have generally "Native American caracteristics" (VERY thick dark hair, i tan very easily even if I'm not in the sun a whole lot) I'm 1/16 Cherokee and the rest german but it still affects me greatly... will it also affect my magic or casting?

I dont know if this is a pendulum question or if you are asking my opinion lol. I am Blackfoot indian, percent i believe is 1/10th, i do not believe it changes your magick or how you do magick, but i could be wrong, if there is a witch out there that can help woth this it would be greatly appreciated 💜 blessings to you and yours


How I feel when the talk of illegal immigration comes up…. Of course deportation of white euros will not happen… I give it a shrug…. Lets come up with better policies. Path way to citizenship for all! Who wants to become an American?? Anyone can be an american its a land where people come to escape persecution from their country because of poverty, war, corruption, religious freedom, etc. We should not physically shut down our boarders. Didnt work for the Chinese empire and look at north korea.