blackfish lies

I was scouring Orcahome for pictures of deceased whales (since I don’t know nearly as much about them as the living ones), and found this one of Haida, the male who lived at Sealand before Tilikum.

I instantly recognized it, went to check in Blackfish, and lo and behold, it’s in there, just mirrored (to make it look more like Tilikum?) when talking about how “Tilikum was the one that went after her and it was easy to tell because of his flopped-over fin”.

(Funny thing is, they all had flopped-over fins at the time:)

External image

Nootka IV

External image

Haida II

External image

Tilikum at the time.

Now, with this one, and the picture of Kahana, I don’t add this to the long list of “Blackfish is deceiving the public!”, it’s understandable they need to use pictures of other things to show what they’re talking about.

However, a lot of those cases, like Trua sticking his tongue out while talking about how sweet Tilikum is, or “Kasatka screaming for Takara”, were deliberate deception. That was not Kasatka, whales don’t vocalize with their mouths, the “scientist brought in” never happened, and the guy talking about it didn’t even work there at the time.

I bring this picture up, same as the one with Kahana, simply as a curiosity.

Geez, calm you tits, people.

When Activism Gets Hypocritical.

Because of what I have read about these activists and their latest scheme, I just need to get this off my head. While I have nothing against sea pens as long as they have filtration systems that are meant to keep the pens clean and healthy for the animals:

*Why would these activists want a sea pen in an area that is considered to be “critical habitat” for endangered Southern Resident orcas and other marine animals that are equally threatened?

*Where are they going to get the funds from?

*Where are these “300 whales and dolphins” going to be coming from if no accredited facility is going to send a few animals over there?

*Will there be a filtration system to keep the pen clean as it’s required by U.S. law?

*If this is a rescue facility, then will the animals that the U.S. government declares as “non-releasable” be able to stay in the sea pen or will they end up like the animals in the hands of PETA?

*What could happen to the 300 animals if the funds for the pen were to run out all together just like they did with Keiko?

*Most of all, how they are going to be able to pull this off without any legal problems nor Native American opposition of any kind?

These are questions that these activists never answered nor brought up at all when they talked about coming up with their own version of SeaWorld as a sea pen. But, animal rights people are unlikely going to answer any of those questions anyway because they are probably going to want to make money with the animals and sell it completely as an animal rights agenda. In the process, they may end up collecting millions of dollars in donations for a project that obviously will never be realized and get away with it. Yet, this is the same strategy with all animal rights groups that sees any wildlife issue that is worth making money off.

Anyway, I just find it hypocritical for activists to say that it’s not okay for an accredited science-focused zoological facility to operate zoos and aquariums that welcome guests and educate the public about animals but it’s alright for these extremists with no animal care experience to do the same. On a side note, they may not even realize that the cost of keeping marine mammals in human care is expensive. For example, it costs Dolphin Research Center $300,000 a year to give their animals the world-class care that they care from their trainers and vets everyday and this comes from mainly public donations alone. At Miami Seaquarium, caring for Lolita the killer whale costs the facility nearly $100,000 alone to just simply feed her but the figure does not consider the cost of maintaining her small pool, the preventative health care she gets from the great vets that she has there, labor, food storage nor for ongoing maintenance. Not even the tax status of the facility can change this fact at all. Meanwhile the “proposed” facility had to potential of costing hundreds of millions of dollars a year just to feed and care for these “300 animals”. Do activists think they can really maintain this? This is especially after what happened with Keiko when the funds to care for him dried up and he was released only to suffer an unnecessary death a year later.

It’s just now making me realize that the reason why these extremists oppose the killer whale expansion at SeaWorld is not because they care about the animals, but because they want their very own private SeaWorld. Enough said.

it always kills me when people are like ‘Blackfish is full of LIES and is 90% untrue, god so much lying’ because ????

yes, seaworld, the multi million dollar company with probably a sqaudron of lawyers at their disposal, would totally not sue the fuck out of that, of course, it all makes sense now. They would definitely just let that happen. and I mean people can’t even say ‘they just don’t want to encourage people t watch the film’ now because, boy, if that was the intention, never shutting up about Blackfish was not the way to go about it


New interview, this time with Bridgette Pirtle-Davis, ex-SeaWorld trainer who was involved with Blackfish.

The first half-hour or so they talk mostly about her memories and experiences, and at about 35½ minutes in, they start talking about Blackfish, and from there on it’s about that, her journey away from Blackfish, and the ongoing controversy.

I don’t feel the need to quote her as much as Mark Simmons, but just this one, about the anti-caps or so-called “activists”:

“It’s not about doing what’s right, it’s about being right.”

More about wild orca deaths

All of these died under the age of 30:

A15 died at the age of 12. A19 was just a baby. A21 (Corky’s sibling) died at the age of 6. A29 (also Corky’s sibling) was only 3. Sharky was 26. A40 and A44 were only 2. A41 was just a newborn. Sutlej was 18. A47 was a newborn. A49 was just one year old. Nodales was 14. Scylla was no more than 7. Kelkpa died at 5. Surf was no more than 3. Racey was 14. A63, Corky’s niece, was just a baby. So was A65, whose mother died the same year, aged only 13. A68 was also a newborn. Stormy lived to the ripe old age of 6. A76 and A87 were newborns. Canoona and Sunday were just 2. Kalect died at the age of 4. A98, dead at the age of 1.

Raven died at the age 14. Nakwaakto at 22. Bauza at the age of 19. B5 at 22, B3 at 24. C12 was 7. C15 just one. Cosmos died at the age of 20. Virago was 23. Quadra only 12. Ta-aack just 3. Kitasu was only 13. Geetia 21. D16 just 3. D18 was 9. D22 died age 3, D24 age one.

G9 died at the age of 24. G19 dead at 29. Owikeno was 27, G28 was 20. G33 died at age 21. G35 was 18. G36 was just a newborn, G42 and G55 only one. G43 and G56 were 3. G44 died at the age of 14. Whidbey was 21. G47 was 13. Seabreeze was dead at the age of 8. G68 and G75 only 2. G74 and G87 were just one year old. So were G90 and G91. H7 was 26 when he died, his sister H8 was 21 when she died the same year. Their sibling H10 died only 9 years old. H11 was just one. H14 was 2.

I7 and I36 were 23, I28 was 16. Tribune, I38 and I44 died aged 24. I41 was 26. I46 and I49 were 28. I55 and I56 were 16. I58 was no more than 2. I59 was 5. I60 was 16. I61 just one. I66 and 70 only newborns. I72 was dead at the age of 7, their sibling I85 at 3, and their sibling I109 at only one. I73 and Whirl were 4. I79 was 7, I81 5. I86 was 6. I87 was only 5. I88 and I127 just one year old. I111 was 4. R8 was 21 when he died, his sibling R11 just 2. R19 was 11. R20 was 24. R21 lived to the age of 20. R27 was 14. R32 only became 3 years old.

And that’s just the Northern Residents.

Animals die young all the time in the wild, but when it happens in captivity, it’s “captivity kills”.
CNN: Stop broadcasting Blackfish

I am calling on the company to stop showing this agenda driven piece, that does more harm than good. Since the release of the documentary, it has caused many to loose their jobs and it has put the animals life’s in jeopardy. This documentary has been debunked many of times and CNN should of looked into the film, before broadcasting it. Now people are suffering.


I made this one a few months ago.
I don’t need to repeat the full video description with sources, as it’s already on YouTube, but I want to adress some things I would want to “correct” (it happens with nearly all my videos that I learn new things in the later months, either about video making or the topic ath and).

* I’m still not sure whether Morgan is owned by SeaWorld or Loro Parque. Anyway, it was sort of a mistake to call her “wild-caught” - but I meant that as, she was born in the wild.
* I’m not sure if the eight separations I mention were the only ones, as I had an insufficient database as source when I wrote that.
* The “65-70%” with collapsed dorsal fins was a poor number from me stretching what is considered an adult. And even some with an impressive dorsal like Ikaika, it is turning over. Valentin seem to be the only male over the age of, say, 15, where the dorsal is still “rather” straight.
* There is a picture of what I thought was Tilikum on a slideout, since the picture was taken in Orlando, and I thought, “large male with dorsal to the left in Orlando, it’s Tili”, while I’ve recently learned to tell the difference between them better, and just noticed that he’s missing the black freckles on the eyepatch, his flippers are too small, and the eyepatch has a different shape. So I looked it up, the picture was taken in 2006, and it must be Taku.


The biggest bullshit I’ve seen since Blackfish.

And then to have the picture of Dawn’s dead body as cover…