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Mystic Braves - Strange Lovers

Literally my fav band
Tumblr ur late why aren’t you obsessed yet?

Summer Tracks (Pt. 2 - Psychedelic Rock/Neo-psychedelia)

Still not too early.

Mind Mischief | Tame Impala

Anenome | The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Minotaur | Thee Oh Sees

Trippin’ Like I Do | Blackfeet Braves

Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) | Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Strawberry Fields Forever | The Beatles

Alien Days | MGMT

Why Won’t They Talk To Me? | Tame Impala

(…aaand) Age of Aquarius | The 5th Dimension

Pt. 1 (Chillwave/Indietronica) here.

Monday Night Residency with Feeding People

1.7.13: Gap Dream, Blackfeet Braves, Spanish Moss

1.14.13: Thee Rain Cats, Wyatt Blair, The Aqua Dolls, Colleen Green

1.21.13: Wild Pack of Canaries, Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel, The Blank Tapes, Bodegas

1.28.13: Froth, Corners, Drinking Flowers, Heroes & Heroines

FREE - RSVP via Do213 for priority at capacity



Blackfeet Braves // “Trippin Like I Do”

Playlist (6/12/13)

6/12/13 :: Flowers on the Wall ::

“Just Like Honey” - The Jesus & Mary Chain
“Kill Surf City” - The Jesus & Mary Chain
“Sycamore Tree” - Crystal Stilts
“Fright Night (Nevermore)” - Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti 
“Disorder” - Joy Division
“Doused” - DIIV

“Wild Brain” - Be Forest
“Veil” - Weekend
“All I Had” - Skywave
“His Gesture of Love” - Love/Comes
“Suns and Lovers” - Nothing // requested by Nick
“Alison” - Slowdive

“Choirs of Winter” - Tamaryn
“If I Am” - My Bloody Valentine
“Pam’s Tan” - Black Tambourine
“Wonders” - Adored
“Kaleidoscope” - Ringo DeathStarr
“Forever” - Moonbeams
“Chinatown” - Wild Nothing
“Vis-a-Vis” - Allah-Las
“Call Me in the Day” - La Luz
“Trippin Like I Do” - Blackfeet Braves
“Fountain of Youth” - Burnt Ones
“The Boys and the Girls” - Network
“Mr. Sun” - tomorrows tulips
“Desert Sand” - Beach Fossils
“Like Bullets” - Snowden
“Half Day In Hell” - Times New Viking
“5 - 4 = Unity” - Pavement
“Range Life” - Pavement

Flowers on the Wall can be heard on the air every Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 p.m. (PST) on Radio23.

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my favorite boys, duh

Mystic Braves aka Blackfeet Braves - Vicious Cycle


Blackfeet Braves - Born Without A Heart // The HoC Palm Springs 2013 (by TheHouseofCreatives)

psicodelizando o psicodélico


Blackfeet Braves // Trippin’ Like I Do

2012 // Self-Titled

Lolipop Records

Los Angeles

For those Allah-Las and Growlers fans who just can’t get enough of the Psychedelic, Surf-Gaze, and the good ol’ Rock and Roll of the Southern California sound.


If you liked Blackfeet Braves and Allah Las …. than you will also like los craters. From the upcoming album “LOW TIDE LOVER” due out in Spring 2013 from LOLIPOP RECORDS.