African American problems: I’m worried about anti-black racism. I’m worried about me or my loved ones being gunned down by the police or a trigger happy neighborhood watchman for no good reason and then being called a thug and blamed for my own murder bc of one picture I took years ago

Muslim American problems: I’m worried about Islamophobia and being racially profiled, spied on by my own government, and automatically being treated like a terrorist and being religiously persecuted

Mexican / Latinx American problems: I’m worried about xenophobia. And I’m worried about being blamed for every disease outbreak and being demonized in the media and having my relatives deported bc they got caught jay walking

White people problems: I don’t get to say the n-word or wear blackface or tell racist jokes bc someone might call me racist. I can’t wear a bindi bc I have to worry about cultural appropriation. I can’t just say the first offensive thing that pops into my head bc now I also have to worry about political correctness. People are asking me to moderately modify my behavior and think of someone’s feelings other than my own. Life is so hard & unfair for white people. Boo hoo

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There is a black model with vitiligo that is being imitated by white people putting on makeup to emulate the dark parts of her face. She says that it doesn't offend her but it offends me. What are you thoughts?

Yeah, that whole thing. I made a post on it a while ago, but deleted it because on of the screen caps contained a slur.

Anyway, I know that the model isn’t offended, but from what she wrote, she doesn’t seem to understand power dynamics nor how things actually work. And she also talked about how mixed children are a symbol of love and everything and that’s when I knew she was gone.It was fine that she was not offended, but for her to dismiss the concerns and criticisms as well as make false equivalences to hold up her “everyone love one another/racism is not a thing”  showed me she’s not the person to talk to about intersectionality.

What the make-up artists did was blackface and ableism. The blackface because they decided to paint themselves brown to emulate her skin color, and ableism to leave uncolored spaces to represent her vitiligo. They accessorized and fetishized both her race and her skin disease. I know she finds it flattering because now people want to be like her now that she’s famous and was bullied for her skin disease, but doesn’t understand that this does not exist in a vacuum as well as she does not speak for people with vitiligo. A couple of people with vitilago, as well as other black people chimed in to basically say “you don’t speak for us; speak for only yourself”.

All in all I feel like she’s an enabler riding off the high of her fame at the moment (wait until she’s old news and is no longer on her pedestal of uniqueness).


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IA, especially when these kids misuse terminologies like brown face. Brown/Blackface is when you're trying to make someone look like a POC by coloring their skin! We all know Eliza/Clarke is white chick! Do you think the show is trying to make audiences believe she's not??? No crazy bitch the show is just trying to tell you this chick has been put under the sun for 3 months. The lot of them really need to be educated correctly.

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Thank you, anon. And to those people who say “White people don’t tan that way”, well have I got news for you! The world is an apocalyptic waste town and run by teenagers who fight off radiated gorillas and survive droughts of acid fog and find two headed deers and turn into monsters. BUT WHITE PEOPLE DON’T TAN THAT WAY.

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what do you think about all the brownface in the cosplay community? I really wanna get into the community more but as a POC seeing that makes me really uncomfortable and i feel obligated to say something but i also don't want a bunch of people yelling at me because i'm calling out something that's racist and wrong y'know

I’ve actually been asked about blackface twice already by anons and chose not to answer either times because I got the sense they were only vaguely interested and just trying to see what I’d say, and it’s not really my place as a white person to step into this debate just for someone’s curiosity. Especially since anon allows them to bring up a controversial topic with anonymity but forces me to answer it publicly. The only reason I’m touching this one is because you said you’re a poc and it’s scaring you off of cosplay, and no one should ever be scared off from cosplay.

Ok first off. I’m white. Like really, really white. My voice in this will never matter as much as any pocs’ voices. I don’t have a personal stake in this topic because I’m white and I know that’s a big privilege, so my opinion isn’t one that needs to be heard loudly.

I’m not a fan of it and I wish people wouldn’t. I think it’s tone deaf to both our racial history and current problems. And it’s always pretty obvious when people do it too, so I never buy the argument that it’s more realistic to a character. And I don’t mean painting yourself up to look like a Night Elf/Troll/fantasy race or poorly done cheek contouring, because I’ve seen both and they always get pointed to at some point during conversations, but bringing them up is a derailing tactic that diverts attention from genuine blackface.
There are poc cosplayers who have written far more eloquently about it than I can and who’s voices are way more important, so if you want me to elaborate more on why it’s a problem, I’m just going to point you over to ThatJayJustice. Her voice is amazing and the best thing I can do is support it.

I’d urge you not to let it scare you off of the cosplay community though. I’ve never personally seen anyone do blackface at a con (which isn’t to say it hasn’t happened, but it’s just not something you actually run into often). The majority of it is done by people who are genuinely ignorant that is has a horrible past attached. Ignorance doesn’t forgive it, but it means that these people aren’t mean or bad people to begin with, it means they made a mistake because they didn’t understand it. I’d also say there’s very few people who will jump to defend it anymore. It’s been debated so much lately that it’s generally seen as being a tactless thing to. Most of the cosplay community is very nice and doesn’t support it, so I’d say it shouldn’t be something that drives you away from the community as a whole.

Calling it out is up to you. I really can’t give you advice on it because that’s a personal choice. Any time we find social issues we want to fight for we have to balance our comfort levels and that’s something only you can decide for yourself.