senesational-deactivated2015040  asked:

What if Senes told Vynardien that he'd try to bring him back to life?

Vynardien would ask Senes if he is flawed as he is, now. Then point out that he is now stronger and better suited to protect Senes than he was before. That while he was alive, he was weaker and less focused on his task of protecting the heir of Blackfire. 

In his eyes, dying was what he deserved for being too weak to better protect his best friend. 

I apologize for my small bit of absences on tumblr. This is the hardest time of year for me and it’s been a struggle trying to fight through my art-writing-and-everything creative block. So, I went ahead and did more practice headshot sketches like the last time. Hopefully more on the way if I keep forcing myself.

The victims this round are: blackestfire, halayn, thaeliskaeldorin, talandriel (not her character, but Tellaria doesn’t have a tumblr sob), naerwyn, tarcanusfrostbourne, and lyrinelmorningflame! I hope you guys like them!

Happy Winter Veil. <3