blackest of the black tour


Day: 1098

Shirt: Danzig - the Lost Tapes / Blackest Of The Black Tour 2008

Color:  Black

Brand: Gilden Ultra Cotton

Source:  If the above art looks extra good and awesome to you its because it is.  It is a comic book artist Simon Bisley’s work.  to my knowledge mostly a comic book artist, at least thats where i know him from, but damn can he make Danzig look fucking rugged.  look at this sketch before i pulled from his site that mustve been used someplace else. or maybe never got used at all?!

External image

Be rad if he was crushing someone in this drawing.  maybe that guy form that band that punched him out on that video.  :)  Danzig. i don’t even know where to put the energy into this man.  there is part of me that will always love the “Idea” of Danzig but i feel like until he changes in some sort his days of making amazing music are over.  I low that sounds sad, Who knows this.  maybe he reads this and is like FUCK that guy wTF does he know I’m going to fucking smash him, but first I’m going to write the best album ever and prove him wrong.  

so in the mean time i can only stomach putting up Danzig I for your listening pleasure.