Filmmaker and Storm Chaser Mike Olbinski presents his latest work, this time in Black & White. Original caption:

The moment I heard the opening thump of bass…I knew I would be using this song for my film. But then those haunting vocals hit my ears…and blew my mind. It was like a punch deep in my soul. It’s hard to explain that feeling when you first hear a song and you immediately fall in love with it. Almost like you’ve known it all along.

I hadn’t even planned to start working on this film yet, but I was so inspired that I furiously began to lay down time-lapse clips. I couldn’t stop pouring over it. It was last September and I was supposed to be working on Monsoon IV, but I forgot all about it once I heard Ex Makina’s “Breathe.” It almost felt like it was made for a black and white storm film.

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Black & White Challenge: Day 4/7

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Rules are to post 7 black and white photographs in 7 days. Additionally, no explanations and no people are allowed. Plus, you should also tag 1 person each day!
Today I tag @photo-olli-owen if you want to join in!

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Black&White Challenge | Day 2/7

Rules: 7 black and white photographs in 7 days. No explanations and no people allowed. Plus, you should also tag 1 person each day.

Today I tag @loonyidea, from the South of England. Her photography is simply wonderful, she transmits me very strong feelings through her photos. Makes me feel something beautiful and deep, melancholic — It’s like a dream. I think she’s a wonderful photographer with a lot of potential. Please, take a look at her blog.
I would like to see your work in black and white!