“The town of ‘Blackdom’ was founded in 1904 by a black man named Francis Boyer, who walked from Georgia to New Mexico to flee the oppression of the South. He decided to try homesteading in New Mexico to fulfil the dream of his father to establish a self-sustaining black community. 

Boyer along with his friend, Keyes, settled in an area near what is now known as Dexter in October of 1900. They worked on ranches until they were able to send for their wives and children who arrived in 1901. Others also came; many for the land and others for health reasons. So began the all black community of Blackdom, New Mexico.

Blackdom’s pinnacle was reached around 1908 when it was home to twenty-five families with approximately 300 people. The families claimed about 15,000 acres under various land laws. Among Blackdom’s successes were a post office, a blacksmith shop, retail stores, and a hotel. A weekly one-leaf newspaper was published. The Blackdom Baptist Church, which also served as the schoolhouse, today is the main living area of a home in Cottonwood, New Mexico. Farms in Blackdom produced cotton, cantaloupe, onions, alfalfa, and sugar beets.”



Founded by homesteader Francis Marion Boyer, the town of Blackdom was New Mexico’s first community of African Americans.

via Colores, New Mexico PBS