Hiccup cosplay - HTTYD 2 - WIP compilation (4/4)

And we’ve made it to the last part (for now). This one will be covering Hiccup’s prosthetic leg and his one boot. Same as before, please note, I have no idea what the actual terminology for some parts of this outfit is, I will use weird names lol. Feel free to ask questions. 

Click the pics for caption corresponding to the notes underneath.

Let’s go~

PIC 1 - Prosthetic base
- Prosthetic time!! I opted for easy way out of this I-have-two-feet-halp problem by just planning on wearing a black sock + black flats and pretending I dont have that extra foot;;;; I tried so many other ways to actually elevate my other foot enough to create a visible gap, but they all made me monstrously tall and not practical ;A;
- Anyhow, the foot was made of MDP pieces, and a cardboard toilet roll with foam core discs inside for support 8'Db
- Everything was then covered in worbla. The curved front part of the prosthetic is just one molded piece of worbla.
- I also used strips and small balls of worbla to create the detail on the bar and make fake bolts on the side

PIC 2 - Prosthetic painted
- I didn’t prime this one as much, since I wanted that grainy texture to show up in the paint.
- It was then painted silver + weathered for effect.
- then to make the part that actually goes over my leg, I heated two (stuck together) pieces of craft foam into a cylinder shape and worbla-ed over that to make it rigid. The prosthetic was then sewn directly into it. I purposely left slits in the design as you can see, to do so.
- The cylinder opens at the back with velcro so I can slip my foot in!

PIC 3 - Prosthetic with cover
- The cylinder that goes around my leg is then wrapped in leather, and then using painted/weathered craft foam, I faked the ‘metal’ decoration on it.
- Since I was on time constraints, I substituted metal buttons (painted over) for the bolts. I highly DO NOT recommend this as they caught on everything at the con and ripped out of the foam so easily >__> I lost the majority of it at the con.
- Since then, I’ve remade the bolts with molded balls of worbla and stuck them on instead.
- I always get asked at cons 'is that comfortable to wear?’. Answer is always a resounding “Not in the slightest 8’D”

PIC 4 - Puffy boot of extreme puffiness
- The boot!! To make my totally-not-there-shhhh foot less obvious, I decided to pad out the boot. It helps that Hiccup’s boots look massive anyway.
- Using a simple cheap ugg boot base, I followed the seams on the ugg boot and used that as pattern and traced it onto cotton wadding (sleepy dog being not helpful)
- the cotton wadding was then cut out and stuck onto the boot. Quite a few layers was added to make the boot super poofy~
- A simple boot cover using exactly the same pattern (but bigger) was made, and then glued down at the bottom and top
- The top of the boot was a simple piece of leather, with threaded Xs for deco~
- the straps that go around his boot was glued on, so no moving when I walk around :Db


Part 1 - Inner shirt, scale vest and black top
Part 2 - arm plates and pauldrons
Part 3 - Vambraces and props

Hi again! I’m still alive, just by the skin of my teeth 8’D

I did a quick makeup test the other day for an upcoming shoot, Will Graham from NBC’S Hannibal! I’m a massive fan of this amazing series and Will is definitely my fav character from it. Not to mention I have the beautiful Cielrose as my darling cannibal <3

Real people makeup is hard ;A; especially when trying to turn my flat features to remotely resemble Hugh Dancy’s perfection.

Will post some crack shots tmw~

Recently we had the opportunity to form a large Cardcaptors school uniform group for a fun shoot at Luna Park~!
After years of having done the moon guardian Yue, I finally cosplayed his human form, Yukito the adorkable 8’D (I totally rocked those harry potter specs okay lol)

Some camwhores with the rest of the beautiful team for now, proper photos for when I have time to edit! (which could be a while coz my current cosplay is eating me akjsdhksajhfkjhf orz)