Yanno, I have done a lot of Kuroshitsuji artwork in the past 15 months. :0 I just like the look of victorian things and stuff too.

 And at the moment I’m working on The Joker from Book of Circus xD.

 For people who follow me and are not into this, thanks for sticking by me lol. I intend to do more of a variety of things. Kinda want to paint Cloud from FF7 too. And moar original stuff.

Yoai Fangirls Be Like
  • Me: *reading yoai fanfic*
  • Person: What in hell are you reading?
  • Me: *doesn't look up* yaoi.
  • Person: isn't that like, gay stuff?
  • Me: *still not looking up* Yuup.
  • Person: Why are you obsessed with that kind of shit?
  • Me: *looks up* Well why don't you tell me why you're obsessed with the crappy singer Justin Beiber? You don't hate on my shit and I don't hate on yours. *goes back to reading*
  • Person: .... It's still weird.
  • Me: *looks up* You asked for it. *hits with frying pan* :3
  • Person: *unconscious*