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I can’t believe it all ends tomorrow! This show has gotten me through some pretty rotten times and made the good times better. Thank you Ashley, Shay, Troian, Lucy, Sasha, Janel, Tyler, Keegan, Ian, I. Marlene King and everyone else who had a hand in creating/acting in this amazing show! I will never forget the cast being on twitter for every new episode, the get togethers with my friends every season and making all of my sorority sisters just as obsessed with this show as I am. I’ll be rewatching quite often. I will miss this show terribly but all good things must come to an end as they say and I am happy to have been a part of this awesome journey from beginning to end.


66 Thoughts We Had While Revisiting The Pilot Of "Pretty Little Liars"
Because it's almost the end and we have A LOT of feelings
By Nora Dominick

anonymous asked:

What sort of social media accounts would the TLC crew have what would they be signed up for and how often would they go on them ?

Okie dokie. *cracks knuckles*

Lemme get the obvious one out of the way:

Cress: Cress would have everything. Not just the basic Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, no no. She’d have accounts on Reddit, Tumblr, and 4chan, like, this girl is not as innocent as everyone seems to think she is. Nuh-uh. She spent a lot of time in that satellite, she had to entertain herself somehow. She doesn’t spend as much time on them anymore, now that she’s got Thorne to keep her entertained.

Thorne: Thorne wouldn’t be as involved with Cress, but especially during his criminal years, he would have like Twitter and post about his thefts either during the heist or after, like he would have no chill about it (And he’d totally get away with it too). I can also see him having an Instagram and posting mainly pictures of the Rampion, sometimes random space pictures, and of course, after TLC, pictures of Cress looking absolutely adorable. His follower count goes down once people realize they’re serious about each other. He does get a bit of a boost from the whole ‘ending-the-evil-lunar-reign thing’. He also posts non-stop. Thorne also made a page on everything for the Rampion.

Wolf: Wolf would be lost. He’d be that person with a Facebook page, wouldn’t understand how to put a profile picture up until Scarlet helped him (and of course she makes sure it’s a picture of them together where she looks great and he, well, he’s a bit blurry), and his posts would be completely sporadic and go from sales updates about the farm to some indecipherable nonsense about a bee and needing Scarlet’s gun (which is totally meant to be in a group chat, but he messes up and posts it on his main page. Scarlet laughs every time she sees it.)

Scarlet: Scarlet is far more organized than Wolf, but doesn’t find enough time to really be out there. She has a few pages for the farm on both Facebook and Twitter, but as far as personally goes, I’d say she has a Facebook and an Instagram. She posts occasionally, but is more focused on the farm than the internet.

Jacin: During the TLC arc, I don’t think he’d have any social media, but I think afterwards he’d have an Instagram so he could try an capture an unphotogenic picture of Winter to post (of course she’s always gorgeous and it basically becomes a fan page of Winter shots interspersed with a few fine pictures of himself.) He follows the gang and checks it often.

Winter: Winter posts non-stop. Primarily Instagram (and Snapchat, let’s be real), but she posts about everything. Sees an animal? Instagram. Jacin’s nearby? Instagram. The sun’s out? Instagram. It’s raining? Instagram. The girl has a problem. She also has trendy accounts on Facebook and Twitter, but she prefers IG and SC.

Kai: Being Emperor takes up most of his time, but he has a public figure page on Facebook and a Twitter that is primarily factual (though sometimes pictures of Cinder hard at work pop up with a set of embarrassing hashtags that Cinder hates but Iko fawns over.) Torin isn’t really great with social media, so this goes unnoticed. He doesn’t spend much time on social media, but his Instagram has more followers than Thorne’s does (though Jacin has even more than him surprisingly.)

Cinder: Initially, before the whole Queen thing, she just had some business pages for her mechanic shop and spent very little time on it, just updating store hours when needed. However, after the events of TLC, she was forced to expand and got a Twitter. Someone else set up a Facebook page for Empress Selene Blackburn, which was promptly taken down because she and Kai weren’t married yet, but it kept popping up so much that eventually everyone stopped making a fuss because let’s be real, everyone shipped it. She mainly retweets things from Thorne that made her laugh or pictures from Winter that she thinks are beautiful. The only picture she ever posts for herself is on her wedding day, standing at the alter, about to kiss Kai with the soft light of the room casting perfect shadows and highlighting their faces. It stays her profile picture, and eventually the person in charge of the Empress Selene Blackburn page (It ended up being Cress and Iko teaming up) makes that their fan page picture too. She doesn’t post on Instagram, but the gang has a group chat over it, favoring it over individual comms.

Iko: Iko is a blend of Cress and Winter. She posts often, primarily fashion and the Lunar Court (did someone say Kinney’s grumpy faces?), and has the most followers out of all of them. She’s very interactive with fans and replies to every message sent to her. When she finally runs out, she starts answering for some of Cinder’s messages that she can’t bother to deal with herself. She doesn’t have as many accounts as Cress, but she spends a fair amount of time making her Tumblr theme perfect and adding a bunch of pictures to Instagram and Snapchat. She has a Facebook but thinks it’s kinda boring compared to Twitter, etc. She balances her social media addiction with her courtly duties.