1,20m x 40 cm self-made canvas; acrylic + Fimo dough + polish

I wanted to represent the society [very random, I know there’s not really Asians here & that albino people aren’t current] which’s always wathin you. I hope those volume eyes put pressure on who’s lookin at dis. 
This is yet more applicable to our days. There’s always a camera or a social network, anythin else that scans you, know who you are and sometimes you just don’t know how. Big brother is watchin U.. Yep. 
I know I’m paranoid but if serves my art it doesn’t matter.

Woohoo first of my sounds that I post on Tumblr \o/

There’s a thickness wich evolves in this song.
It’s my last production & you can here ear my voice (the choir) I made the beatbox wich makes the rythm & at the middle I’m playing jew’s harp. I played with a lot of echoes and delay, you can even ear like a horse galloping.
[I expect advices!] This work is in progress, it waits a bit of lyrics & arrangements.

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For those who think I'm a young kid or something -it bothers me a lil but it’s ok with it, we never know on the internet is not it?- I answer that age is often nothing but I’m 20, & and usually I can’t stand people of my age. Bag of meat spoiled rotten, naive and disrespectful, gnawed to the bone by superficiality and by the need for recognition without merit.

It’s ok, I swear that it’s ok cause anyway I can’t choose.

I don’t often do abstract art, it’s not my stuff I admit. This serie is an evolution of stains & forms, & the twice are linked. It’s really an intuitive work. I see it like a phantom or a virus who becomes a colored flower. Wow, I made a “positive” stuff

BUT YOU CAN VISUALIZE IT AS YOU WANT! I’m very sorry for bad quality on some & hope you enjoy.

It’s all made with my hands & fingers. Acrylic on big kraft papers.



As I already said I’m sorry for poor posts about my art at the moment for those who like it. But here’s an explanation; each picture on this post are a detail of 4 1mx1m canvas, it’s on acrylic & I want to do a work fairly advanced but I’m in my competition for the Beaux Arts.. So this is in progress. Those 4 picture will be part of an installation in the end. Hope you guess about what it is ^^’