You asked, and I listened! Now, I have a new recipe for #vegan Blackberry Cheesecake Popsicles up on the blog. Easy-to-make, delicious and super allergy-friendly! I’d even say these were healthy.  Plus, I made a video for you!

anonymous asked:

Greetings. May I request a recipe list for an Echotale Frisk with a sweet tooth? I love baking and it's a plus if it's got the colours blue, purple or red involved. Nothing with nuts though.

Hey anon! Sure thing! I tried to get you as many baking recipes as possible while also getting you some blue/purple/red colors involved. No nuts of course - although the macarons use almond flour I’m sure that can easily be replaced! Hope you like it <3

Hope you like it anon! :D If not feel free to hit me back up and I’ll figure some other stuff out for you <3 Cheers!