blackberry jelly

this set is all about autumn preserves, suggested theme by @mybigfatcat in the pixel art challenge with @bitmapdreams ! my interpretation includes marmalade, blackberry jam & plum jelly (right now its plum & blackberry season so i’m overloaded tbh) i also included seasonal berries & a Canada goose feather because i live between bird reserves & let me tell you, they’re back 


Ace Attorney dishes pt.1! 

Update: Pt. 2 here!

Will do more if I have the time. I read a lot of cookbooks as a kid. 

 Maya’s Medium Burger: Two soy glazed beef patties topped with pickled ginger, cucumber, purple cabbage, and a grilled portobello mushroom on a brioche bun. Served with thick cut fries and a daikon, carrot, cabbage, and yuzu slaw. 

 Miles’ Truth Spaghetti: Garlic tossed squid ink or buckwheat linguini twisted around a lightly poached tomato filled with seafood cream sauce. Accompanied by garlic butter bread. 

 Athena’s Widget Cake: Peach, strawberry, kiwi, and blueberry sandwiched between blackberry jelly, lemon mousse, sponge cake, and biscuit. Topped with whipped cream and a chocolate garnish.