Okay, I really don’t care if I get hate over this, but since I’ve seen this point so many times the past few days, I feel like I have to say something.

People have been saying that shipping canonically underage characters with older characters is “harming” actual children or csa survivors, regardless of the character’s age in an artist or writer’s rendition. The reasoning behind that statement implies that the fandom still pictures the underage character when they read the story, because that is how they are in canon, and it is impossible to divorce that image from a fan’s work.

I’m sorry, but that logic is flawed and entirely invalid. It really makes me wonder if the people commenting even know how creative derivation works. The majority or writers and artists don’t “age” a character just to so they can post something that would otherwise be against the rules, they are genuinely interested in exploring how canon events would affect a character’s transition into adulthood and the relationships that may or may not evolve with them. Fictional characters can grow and change within a narrative, even if that narrative isn’t present in  canon. That’s pretty much the whole point of fan-art and fan-fiction. In the confines of that story or picture, they are an adult, and if you see a 12 year old instead, that is not our problem.

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I Hate U
  • I Hate U
  • Simon Curtis
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okay, i’m going to upload this bc i’m probably never gonna finish it.

so, Pitch lured Jamie on his side after he waited years and years for Jack to come back. Jamie kinda becomes the Nightmare Prince, desperate to hurt Jack, both mentally and physically.

The missing part should show the fight between Jack and Jamie, Jamie winning and returning back to Pitch, satisfied with himself.

*shoots herself for being overdramatic*

In which Jamie let Pitch hid in his room and they become sort of friends. Then, Jamie had to do a play for his failing grade and the only position left is, you guessed it right, The Evil King. Jamie was horrid at it until he started observing Pitch and decided to ‘fuck the script I can do better’. Basically he changed The Evil King characterization from 'I do this because I’m evil’ to 'I do this because I’m a sassy motherfucker that takes no shit from no one’.

Rotten Lace (Jamie/Pitch) (4/25)

Original Prompt:

So what the heck does that mean? Jamie believes in Pitch so he should be able to see him. Yet he doesn’t believe in him through fear like Pitch intended. So Jamie could be proving Pitch that there’s other ways for him to be acknowledged, that he doesn’t have to be alone even if people aren’t afraid of him. That although the faith in guardians is restored, he can still be believing in.

So what I’m basically asking for is some sort of curious love-hate friendship between the Boogeyman and Jamie which then develops to be something more. It can be a romance too but in that case I would like it to happen over time and for Jamie to age up. If you decide to go with the romance then please no non-con or dub-con.

Jamie’s touch has a strange effect on Pitch and his appearance, and it’s only gotten more dramatic over the years. But that’s not only why he keeps coming back. Intense hand-holding and things unspoken!

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So, I finally learnt how to make a visual novel in Renpy and Kate suggested me to make a Dating Sim game with Jamie as the main character and teen Guardians plus Pitch as the love interests. Set in High school AU.

And I thought, “Kate you beautiful person”

AND EVEN THO I KNOW YOU GUYS WILL PROBABLY ONLY CHOOSE JACK (or maybe Pitch because blackbelief) I will still make the other paths anyway and you better be curious enough to try JamieSandy

Day 1 is ”I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” — Helen Keller

My first thought is Jamie being betrayed but HAHA like that’s ever gonna happen. So instead as usual, I make self appointed martyr Jamie letting himself be a punching bag for the bullies so they would leave the others alone. Pitch took care of him every night, asking if Jamie was a little masochist. This is his reaction.

So, I guess Jamie became the school pariah by day and is always accompanied by Pitch who tend to his wound at night… im pushing it

Clean Up Your Act
  • Clean Up Your Act
  • Jamie Bennett & Co.

//originally I just wanted to do a lame cover of this song from All Dogs Go To Heaven but then

AU where Pitch somehow falls asleep after an encounter with Jamie and the Guardians, in which he has an actual dream of the brat singing this song to him on Sandy’s dream clouds, accompanied by the rest of the cast, trying to get him to waver his behavior

ps that small voice in the middle was my attempt at a fearling oops