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Really!? :D I’m a HaruMako fan too! (Oh my goodness now I’m excited! The distinction makes quite a bit of difference too… Thank you for double checking and asking!!! :3)

Oh oh yes even better! xD

And of course no problem! I didn’t want to make you read anything you weren’t into ship-wise! Like I can’t really read anything MakoHaru so I know how it feels if the same applied to you if you read HaruMako and you weren’t into them that way!

But still good thing you like HaruMako too! Makes it easier to spoil you with recs! xDDDD

Welp these are my faves that I have been following/stalking so far…

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When people read my tags and laugh about my silly ol’ tags and reblog them. I literally just get the biggest doki dokis and start hyperventilating over how cute you guys are and how I’m the biggest dorky dork and you guys actually think I’m funny.

I mean you should see the things I do and sounds I make when you say these things. I start flapping/flailing my arms and making animal noises and clutching my face.

Just gosh, you are guys are great. Cuties the very lot of you uvu.

looks at blackarmore and aroisuu and kaitos-v-ibrator