‘‘Effortlessly cool, a mark not of a man hiding behind his face but embracing it’’

The beard — a traditional signifier of age and wisdom in most culture had become The Most powerful distinguishing mark For Men .

This Blog Post highlight todays men with beards as it inspire a lot of interest lately judging by the amount of pages completely dedicated to beards on Twitter,Tumblr and Instagram.

Since 2013 , we saw the re-emergence and adoration of one of man’s greatest accessory.

An attractive, manly attribute… 

Wether it reflect respect or at least attention, most men will agree today to see their beards as symbols. Manliness or simply a personal signature, it is now more then ever a classic and elegant fashion statement.

Growing and maintaining one’s facial landscape is a task that involves patience and understanding the bigger picture.

Keeping an attractive beard requires a lot of grooming, styling and passion.So Respect to those who represent this minority.

A bearded men. 


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