Uber’s first diversity report is getting roasted for its nicknames for minority employees

  • After a period marred by reports of abuse and other PR disasters, Uber released its first diversity report on Tuesday. The numbers of nonwhite, nonmale employees are on par with its peers — that is, equally abysmal.
  • The predominantly white and male company also included in its report a breakdown of its employee resource groups, or ERGs. “These groups are working on exciting new ways to improve our culture,” the report read — a culture currently under fire (and in the midst of an investigation) for allegations of workplace harassment.
  • The diversity report is making waves, but not because of its data. On Twitter, people were quick to point out some of the tone-deaf language and names used to identify minority groups in the ERGs — like UberHUE, the group for black employees, and Shalom, a group for Jews. Read more. (3/28/17, 3:29 PM)

Man who created “White Lives Matter” fliers says he considers himself a racist on live TV

  • On Sunday, New York state resident Scott Lacy set the record straight with local affiliate WKBW and took responsibility for flyers distributed to Lewiston, New York, residents with the words “White Lives Matter” on them. 
  • The flyers also condemned illegal immigration and contained statistics claiming black people are more prone to crime than white people.
  • “The purpose of these flyers is to raise awareness with whites about the plight our people face in this country,” Lacy told WKBW. Lacy says all of the information is factual. Read more. (3/28/17, 3:00 PM)
  • Natasha: Hey, are you free on Friday? Like, around 8 pm on Friday?
  • Tony: Yes?
  • Natasha: What about you?
  • Bucky: Yes, I am.
  • Natasha: Great! Because I’m not. You two go on without me. Enjoy your date
  • Tony: Did she just-



anonymous asked:

poc in animated movies generally don't get the same recognition white characters do, but do you feel there are any who are especially underappreciated or ignored?

i’d definitely have to say tiana! i mean she was disney’s first black princess and she was a frog for 95% of the time…like she’s even underappreciated in her own movie, that’s sad to me!