if secret avengers gets cancelled i’m going to haunt axel alonso from beyond the fucking grave

buy the book

I know I have a lot of people following me for agents of shield stuff and i promise you

this is everything you want from agents of shield

gays in space? we have that

phil coulson ! specifically! look here’s phil just buy it

it has clint barton! tumblr loves hawkeye right? here’s clint barton being clint barton

maria hill! being cool! do you like your lady heroes morally ambiguous and super cool?? read it

and look here’s the team lineup! here’s black widow! spider woman! here are two cool ladies who hang out at spas and shoot things together!

look, I don’t normally make “save this comic!” posts but there are maybe three “big two” comics I’m reading right now because I’m sick to death of marvel and dc’s combined bullshit. this is one of them. do you know what that means? it’s a good comic.

It’s also nearing cancellation. So, if you’ve got the money, put it on your pull list, buy a copy, buy a copy for your friend who doesn’t have the money, love yourself. Love this comic. It’s everything you want and then some. But it won’t be for long if nobody buys it!

Black women...

…if you ever feel:

  • ugly
  • unloved
  • unappreciated
  • undervalued
  • run down
  • attacked
  • beat down

Then come to this post, because: you are NOT in last place, you are the phoenix, brought her on your knees in chains and raped and beat, ONLY to rise above like a majestic bird. You are inspiring, loving, caring, motherly, loving, joyful. You’re walk, your sway, your lips, your eyes, your skin…they can’t make any imitations for that, sis.

From YOU all life sprang eternal, and you are my sister and I love you.

I had a job interview today..

But that’s not important, I didn’t land the job.
This post is about the beautiful Black Muslim girl I saw there who was also interviewing. She had henna on her hands & up her arms. It was so pretty & it looked like it may have been an actual tattoo. I couldn’t tell for sure from where I was sitting, but I was just in awe of her beauty. This post is all about my appreciation of her as a fellow WOC. Just gorgeous. Shouts to her.


I know good things come to those who wait…but if my Queen would just walk into my life now, that would be LIFE! A beautiful, educated, spiritual black woman who at least appreciates arts…even if she can’t converse with me deeply about it…that’s all I ask. Also lord…you know I like Afros…👀