“What I see is unreal. I’ve written my own part. Eat of the apple, so young. I’m crawling back to start.” - Rotten Apple, Alice In Chains.

Theories on Cortana...

A few weeks ago I referenced this quote in an earlier post about Edom: When they arrived in the mirrored city of a destroyed Alicante Alec tells them Edom’s story (COHF 482-483): “They didn’t have seraph blades; they hadn’t developed them. It doesn’t look like they had Iron Sisters or Silent Brothers, either. They had blacksmiths, and they developed some sort of weapon, something they thought might help them.”


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i honestly can’t wait to make my future wife happy. she won’t ever fall asleep thinking i don’t love her , she won’t have to lift a finger during her pregnancy , she’ll never be alone in her feelings with us. i swear to god i’ll always try to communicate what’s happening && always take accountability for my actions when i hurt her .. i will always , always listen .. and continue to learn how to love the person she becomes at all the many different stages in her life .. 

i honestly can’t wait to make her feel safe && loved, every , single , day.

Kess’s Sburb Profile

Basic Information

Name: Kess, 9, Kay
Chumhandle: vindictiveEmperor
Gender: Male
Classpect: Lord of Rage
Land: Cataclysms and Imperialism

Titles: The First of the Last, The Black King, King of Ravens, Wanderer, One-Eye, Incubus, King Con,

Silver tongued, Stranger, The General, Old Friend, Titan, Stonewall,
The Dark Summoner, Renegade, Thunderer, Conqueror, Storm bringer, The Hunter, Ring leader, Revenant

Moon: Derse

Fetch modus: Worth. The modus is dependent on desire and ascribed value. You must describe your intentions for the item and it’s worth before you can store it. To remove an item you must think about how it will be of any real value and have a strong enough desire for it

If a desire is strong enough, the modus might auto eject all related items.

Ex. “Oh my god, I would kill for food right now” *auto ejects all food items*

Strife specibi: glaivekind, riflekind, needlekind 

Sprite: Nomnom, my whale plush. He has a mushroom cap hat too.
He communicates through colored spores and through different whale noises.
Pre-entry: Mushroom
Post-entry: rainbow narwhal whale plush

Prototype effects
All: have mushroom caps
Imps: Have a 15% chance to drop a spawn spore after death that will spawn 1-2 more imps
Medium: Can regenerate limbs
High: Can release mild sedative spores upon death.
Nobility: Can release spores to create up to 3 imps at a time.




Primary abilities




Hypnotic- your gaze can lull the weak willed

Predator- you can sense a person’s anger, fear, and pain

Prey on the weak- your damage is doubled when attacking enemies below 30% health or afraid






The entire nature of my quest is a war with Odin. Near my house there is a small armory. There is a sign that says to take two weapons, a melee and a ranged. They are all cursed and are essentially quest items, activating certain pieces of my land and being tied to it’s lore.

Each weapon lifted after is an upgrade of the previous one.


Cursed Glaive

“It’s not over till it’s over.”

An old, worn glaive. It has a dark wooden shaft. There is a dark aura to it. Upon picking it up it ominously whispers “It’s not over till it’s over” in a deep, raspy voice.


“When a man has nothing to cling to, he has taken the first step to becoming Royalty.”

The blade is well polished and gleams brightly. It has a steel edge. It has an almost black shaft with 3 purple gems in it. A small crown sits atop the shaft. Staring at the crown invokes a sense of fear. The glaive’s curse becomes apparent. It has a deep bloodlust and becomes stronger through spilling blood.

Crafting items: a purple gem and a crown

Heaven’s ascendant

“And the gates of heaven will come crashing down”

The blade is white with a black dot near the tip. The shaft is dark gray and has 3 gold bands near the top by the blade. When held up to the sky it acts as a magical lightning rod. When properly charged it deals lightning damage that can arc to multiple enemies.

The bottom of the staff is capped in beautiful, white stone. When the glaive is placed on the ground it will not move from it’s spot. It can only be moved by vast amounts of controlled Rage.

Crafting items: a yang necklace, 3 golden arm bands, and a stone from the wall that surrounds Asgard

Wrath of the Ravens


The blade is obsidian purple and the edge is piercing white.

The shaft is black and ornately designed with silver runes. 3 dark iron bands are near the top by the blade and the bottom has a white stone cap.

Adding onto it’s lightning rod function, the runes allow the glaive to deal thunder damage in addition to lightning. Blood from battle can be used to strengthen and repair the blade.

Two sets of black wings wrap around the shaft, one set closer to the bottom and the other midway to the top. The wings can unfold and allow the weapon to fly. The weapon can be remotely sent to a location or seek out it’s owner. It will fight anything that blocks it’s path.

The initial bloodlust curse is strengthened. It no longer seeks blood, but glory.

When tapping the ground twice it summons two ravens. They will follow any command given and will relay everything they see and hear back to the owner. Looking at them invokes fear and worry. Should they be killed they will simply return to the glaive. The glaive loses it wings when the ravens are summoned.

Crafting items: Gungnir


Cursed bolt rifle

“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil”

A simple bolt action hunting rifle.

It frequently makes a light humming sound when threats are insight. When a target is within the sights, the rifle will attempt to shoot.

Assassin hunter

“Derse may brand me traitor, rebel, or renegade”

A bolt action rifle designed for accuracy and precision over moderate to large distances. 

Suspicious targets or known commanders are highlighted in violet.

Deals bonus piercing damage against defense.

Crafting items: Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, a scouting scope, and a scroll of Derse assassins.

Templar’s Hellfire

“Don’t let the bonfires go out”

A sleek wooden bolt rifle. The metal is licked with flames. The wood glows as if it’s a log in fire. A small Templar insignia is at the back of the gun.

Its bullets spray embers to the surrounding area, dealing bonus burning damage and igniting flammable objects.

Its scope shows flammable things with a ruby outline.

Crafting items: Ashes from a burned city, a cursed ruby, and a Templar necklace

Allfather’s Aim

“The eye of fate is always watching”

A wooden hunting rifle with an ornate eye pattern on the sides. Gold and silver knots line the edges of the wood. The bolt is brilliantly polished.

When looking through the scope targets see a piercing, tired eye. The scope can detect Rage, allowing the wielder to see targets through walls and cover if they are afraid or in pain.

When a target is aimed at they feel the eyes of god upon them and have a chance to freeze in fear.

Crafting items: Eye of Odin

Throwing needles

Standard senbon

Thin, shiny needles. Held in the left hand, thrown with the right.

Made by alchemizing a bunch of fork prongs and pins together.

Starshard senbon

When grabbing for the necklace, summons a silver senbon.

They can, if thrown with enough force, shatter. When shattering they fragment and can pierce anything near by.

Embedded pieces are difficult to get out

Crafting items: silver shards and a lapis necklace

Stardust senbon

“And the rest is rust and stardust”

Black senbon, but longer and thinner. If focused on they glow ice-y blue and have a chance to freeze targets.
If they shatter they can deal frost damage and create a one yard radius cloud of dust. The cloud looks like outer space and has the chance to freeze solid whatever is inside
Crafting items: black sand, a black ice chunk from an iceberg

Bite of the Bifrost
“Frostbite never looked so good”

A black necklace that summons a black goldstone senbon. It glows a rainbow of colors. The senbon leave a light galaxy/rainbow wisp trail when thrown. 

Depending on range each senbon can spawn 2, 5, or 8 more senbon. The configuration of the duplicates is controlled by will.

Their impact can create small mounds of galaxy/rainbow looking ice. These can be used to freeze parts of foes, entrap items, and block incoming projectiles.

Crafting items: Keys to the bifrost bridge


Ring of Cinder

“Ash seeketh ember”

A dark gray ring made from smoldering ashes. 

It allows the wearer to pull things from ashes, cinders, embers, or smoke, creating minor constructs from them.

It can also produce those things.

Crafting items: A Ring of Rage, the ashes of a battlefield

Ring of Caution

“Distrust and caution are the parents of security.”

A deep chilled blue ring with ice blue edges.

It allows the wearer to boost their cold rage. It also allows the wearer to create a holographic map, marking anything the user deems important. Enemies, allies, specific items, important areas, etc. The Lord must have prior knowledge of them before marking them.

Crafting items: A Ring of Rage, ice from an iceberg, a frozen chunk of metal from a battleship, and sonar equipment from a submarine,

Ring of Rain

“When it rains, it pours”

A black ring and sapphire etchings depicting  dark clouds and rainfall

It allows the wearer to control storm clouds and their conditions. Creating black clouds, making rain sap or invoke Rage, making rain like falling needles.

Crafting items: A Ring of Rage, a drop of rain, a  sacred scroll of storms, and a throwing needle

Ring of Revenge

“To exact revenge for yourself or your friends is not only a right, it’s an absolute duty.”

A purple metal ring that grows warmer and glows when targets are nearby.

The wearer mentally notes certain traits that they dislike and feel demand vengeance. Anyone nearby fitting those qualifications will set off the ring and draw the wearer to them.

Crafting items: A Ring of Rage, the blood of a traitor

Ring of Sustenance

“Passion is the breath we take, the water we drink to sustain ourselves”

A gold ring with purple celtic patterns around it.

When worn, all bodily necessities are 1/3rd of their average. Requiring 1/3rd of the amount of food, water, air, and sleep.

Crafting items: A Ring of Rage, a medicine kit, a bottle of water, a jar of air, and a protein bar

Clothing and accessories

Sugar skull

“Fear the rainbow, taste the rainbow”

A large skull helmet that can change colors at will. From the eyes and mouth it sprays large plumes of colored smoke, similar to a smoke bomb. There are also cartridges in the gloves that spray smoke as well.

Great for intimidation, celebration, and distractions.

Crafting items: smoke bombs, a can of spray paint, fingerless gloves, a sugar skull candy container, and a motorcycle helmet

Channeling Cane

“Passion, when given direction, is a lot like holding a gun. It gives you power.”

A black wooden cane/wand/staff with silver celtic knots intricately carved onto it. It can change between these three forms at will.

The end of each form is made of purple metal. The bottom and handle of the cane, the tip of the wand, and both ends of the staff.

It acts as a channeling rod for Rage powers, helping single certain targets out and direct larger, grander effects.

It also helps focus Rage shenanigans. Not to mention adds flare.

Crafting items: a cursed black cane, a cursed black wand, and a cursed black staff. Also, a silver celtic cross and a small chunk of purple metal from the Coercion caverns.

Feeding Frenzy 

“Take what you can get. Which is to say, quite a lot”

Fingerless gloves with silver claws at the knuckles.

Allows the wielder to extract Rage, physically hold it, and consume it. It manifests as a sort of bubble like sphere, similar to souls in Soul Eater. It can range in all shades of purple and some redish or blueish tints and tones.

When activated, the claws glow purple and the wearer gains wolf like features, such as wolf eyes and fangs.

Additionally, if the gloves themselves absorb the Rage, they can be used as a catalyst to increase range (longer claws) as well as the range of Rage abilities.

Crafting items: black gloves and a claw from Geri

Wolf’s Maw

“A wolf in wolf’s clothing”

A dark gray hoodie. The hood has designs of a mad, grinning wolf in a traditional nordic style.

As it is fed Rage it grows increasingly ferocious and bestial, it’s patterns shifting as well as the materials.

With low levels of Rage it will attempt to seek it out. This could result in working along with it’s partner item, Feeding Frenzy.

With medium levels it will become furled and aggressive, allowing the wearer to be wildly ferocious is any activity.

With high levels the hoodie turns into armor, developing dark purple bones. It has a jaw bone and skull to protect the wearer and extend their reach or simply act as a snapping jaw. Bones running down the arms can act as another set of arms.

Crafting items: a gray hoodie and a tooth from Freki

Combustion vambraces

“I fell into a burning ring of fire”

Matching black vambraces with 3 square nodules going down the arm. On the side closer to the wearer there is a silver lime extending from the wrist to the elbow.

When held up they create a wide circle of flames to shield the wearer. They can also act as flamethrowers up to 6 feet.

Crafting items: space heater, lighter, imperial ebony vambrace set

Cloak of the Conquering Corvus

“If bad be the raven, his company is no better.”

A large cloak with beautiful feathers adorning it. The hood has a large raven skull able to be worn as a mask, peering through the eyes as the beak covers their face.

When the hood is pulled down it summons a large mass of black birds to follow and serve the wearer.

The birds are commanded by thought, though they can’t perform any complex task. They are basically limited to obscuring the wearer, carrying an assortment of items, and swarming a target.

Crafting items: A black hoodie, a feather from both of Odin’s ravens, a raven’s skull the size of a human skull

Storm chasers

“Ride the lightning”

Black army boots with electric blue ridges. They have titanium braces extending up to the knee for armor and knee pads.

They energize the wearer, allowing them to walk, run, or sprint while conserving stamina. Effectively they can keep going forever. They make the user’s top speed twice as fast and allow them to jump three times as high or far.

Once the wearer starts running at top speed it is hard to stop.

Crafting items: Black army boots, knee pads, 2 lightning rods, and lightning in a bottle


Totoro plush projector

A Totoro plush that projects holograms from it’s eyes.

Crafting items: Totoro plush, a flashlight, and a videocamera

Spring razors

Small, circular proximity mines. When someone comes close to it, the mine ejects a cloud of deadly shrapnel able to eviscerate any human within proximity.

Crafting items: A pocket knife, a box of metal shards, a rubber popper, razor wire, and a copy of the game Dishonored

Bright night lanterns

Mason jar lanterns that can pierce through even the darkest nights.

Great for keeping nightmares and other such creatures away.

Crafting items: mason jar with glow in the dark paint, a chunk of white crystal

Cask of cataclysms

“Take a fucking sip, babe”

A silver thermos like container. It has designs depicting natural disasters across it and the screwable lid has the Rage symbol.

There are iron rivets circling the top and bottom.

The cask is able to store and liquefy the power of nature’s fury. Placing things like rainwater, ashes, dust, fire, electricity, etc. will fill up the caste and take between 3-9 hours to properly materialize.

When the process is complete the depictions and symbol will glow purple.

Drinking from the cask refreshes the Rage meter.

A small sip of the liquid heals about 6% health and stamina. It adds 3 points to the Rage meter

A large gulp heals around 18% health and stamina. It adds 9 points to the Rage meter

The liquid sends a wave of power and rage through the body. Drinking too much can send the person to a berserker rage or insanity for up to an hour.

The liquid tastes like salty lemonade.

Crafting items: A canteen, rain water, cooled ash, a cursed goblet, and a grenade casing

Godtier gear

Godtier outfit

A purple overcoat with the Rage symbol on the back. Also a purple and black suit.

Capable of turning into a simple cloak or cape, creating spikes, creating menacing tendrils near the feet, etc.

Made by alchemizing an admiral figure, wardrobifier, a suit, and a Lord godtier outfit.

It alters appearance depending on temperament and intent.

If calm and in control, a purple suit.
If relaxing, a purple t-shirt, black jeans, and a relaxed punk outfit
If meditating, the purple robes of an emperor
If aggressive, armor

When fun and adventurous, a pleated skirt
When seductive, short shorts and thigh highs
When traveling or being stealthy, a cloak
So on and so on. It is an extension of their will, intent, and Rage and can become whatever is needed. Fitting for every occasion. Not exactly changing on mood, more like changing what is best for that mood. All sorts of passion, from energetic to slutty. Aggression. Intimidation. Deception. For every possible temperament there is an outfit . 

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3:
So on and so on

Eye of the Runes
Earned by understanding the runes, the goal of the Choice.
Usually covered by an eye patch, it must be looking at a target to place or remove a rune.
Looking directly into it causes anyone to freeze.

A black goldstone necklace worn for the duration of the quest. Rage is embedded into it over time. As it grows in Rage, runes float around it when activated.
By the end of the quest it will become Valhalla, housing a version of the Land of Cataclysm and Imperialism. It can easily breach the barrier between worlds and impart the Lord’s Rage anywhere it is needed.
When the Vessel is activated, the deepest and darkest corner of the soul would feel like their presence. It allows any Rage in relation to me to serve as a beacon.

Attempting to destroy it will induce searing pain, paranoia, insanity, and eventually, death from stress. It can trigger fire and lightning to defend itself

— — —

And that’s my Sburb Profile!

The New Shadow – Morgoth and Human Sacrifice?

Regarding Tolkien’s unfinished story The New Shadow, Christopher Tolkien wrote: “it will never be known what Borlas found in his dark and silent house, nor what part Saelon was playing and what his intentions were.”

I offer my (textually-backed up) speculations on the possible development of The New Shadow. Also, I discuss some of the philosophical implication of this story and its thematic connections with (or better said ‘fractalic reiterations’ of) other parts of Tolkien’s opus, mainly the Ainulindale.

The New Shadow was published for the first time in HoME 12. It is unfinished and has two fairly short fragments that don’t differ greatly in content.

For those less familiar with this story, I will give a quick recap. It takes place during the Forth Age, in Gondor, during the reign of  Aragon’s son, Eldarion. Borlas, an old man, is sitting in his garden with Saelon, a young man who is a friend of his son.

While sitting there they have a discussion on the nature of Evil in the world, or more precisely, on both the re-appearing nature of this Evil:

‘Deep indeed run the roots of Evil,’ said Borlas, ‘and the black sap is strong in them. That tree will never be slain. Let men hew it as often as they may, it will thrust up shoots again as soon as they turn aside. (HoME 12)

and it’s omnipresence:

For a man may have a garden with strong walls, Saelon, and yet find no peace or content there. There are some enemies that such walls will not keep out; for his garden is only part of a guarded realm after all. It is to the walls of the realm that he must look for his real defence.

Both of those ‘characteristics’ can be traced back to the Music of the Ainur and Melkor’s discords, which the story actually insinuates by mentioning the Great Theme:

I do not doubt that many of those we spoke of would use words as solemn as yours, and speak reverently of the Great Theme and such things - in your presence.

as well as the discords of Melkor, and Eru creatively ‘overgrowing’ them:

My judgement as one of them you know already. The evils of the world were not at first in the great Theme, but entered with the discords of Melkor. Men did not come with these discords; they entered afterwards as a new thing direct from Eru, the One, and therefore they are called His children

It seems that the new identifiable spurt from this ‘tree of Evil’, that is, Melkor’s discords which are both “nowhere absent” (HoME 10, p422, while talking about ‘the Melkor-ingredient’ in matter) and reiterating, is someone named Herumor:

'Why!’ said Saelon. 'We have hardly begun. It was not of your orchard, nor your apples, nor of me, that you were thinking when you spoke of the re-arising of the dark tree. What you were thinking of, Master Borlas, I can guess nonetheless. I have eyes and ears, and other senses, Master.’ (…) 'You have heard then the name?’ With hardly more than breath he formed it. 'Of Herumor?’

Borlas’s and Saelon’s discussion could be considered as a kind of an reenactment of the Music on the micro-level, with Borlas and Saelon offering their arguments 'one atop of the other’, like in a singing duel. Saelon is even “humming softly” during their discussion.

Plotwise, Saelon insinuates that he is in some way in contact with Herumor and/or those dissatisfied with the way things are in Gondor after ‘the King’ (meaning Aragorn) has died. We are led to believe by Saelon that these men make Herumor’s following. Saelon offers Borlas to come with him tonight if the wants to 'learn more’.

Let’s now take a look at what Tolkien said about the plot of The New Shadow:

I did begin a story placed about 100 years after the Downfall [of Sauron], but it proved both sinister and depressing. Since we are dealing with Men it is inevitable that we should be concerned with the most regrettable feature of their nature: their quick satiety with good. So that the people of Gondor in times of peace, justice and prosperity, would become discontented and restless - while the dynasts descended from Aragorn would become just kings and governors - like Denethor or worse. I found that even so early there was an outcrop of revolutionary plots, about a centre of secret Satanistic religion; while Gondorian boys were playing at being Orcs and going round doing damage.” (HoME 12)

My speculations:

1) Herumor and his 'cult’ are practicing human sacrifice, which would make them ‘satanists’, by Tolkien’s definition. Morgoth accepting human sacrifice as the proper way of worship goes back to the Tale of Adanel:

Then in fear lest he (Morgoth) should hear them and punish us all, we slew them (those who spoke against worshiping Morgoth), if we could; and those that fled we hunted; and if any were caught, our masters, his friends, commanded that they should be taken to the House and there done to death by fire. That pleased him greatly, his friends said; and indeed for a while it seemed that our afflictions were lightened. (HoME 10)

2) Herumor would turn out to be a Sauron-type evil leader, but human, claiming to be Sauron reincarnated, like Sauron claimed to be Morgoth reincarnated, after the fall of his master:

“At least in the Elder Days, and before he was bereft of his lord and fell into the folly of imitating him, and endeavoring to become himself supreme Lord of Middle-earth.” (HoME 10)

The connection with Sauron could also be deduced from the title of the story - The New Shadow. Throughout LOTR Sauron is referred to as ‘the Shadow’, and the chapter of Fellowship in which Sauron is for the first time mentioned in LOTR is titled ‘The Shadow of the Past’. Sauron is even mentioned as ‘the Shadow’ in-story, by Saelon:

I do not mean of wild men only, or those who grew “under the Shadow”, as they say.

Why do I think Herumor is human, and not Sauron returned?

There are two reasons why. Firstly, if Sauron (or Morgoth) was to return in this story, Tolkien would not, according to C.Tolkien, talk in this way:

‘I could have written a “thriller” about the plot and its discovery and overthrow - but it would be just that. Not worth doing.’ (HoME 12)

The second, stronger, reason is this:

Sauron was a problem that Men had to deal with finally: the first of the many concentrations of Evil into definite power-points that they would have to combat as it was also the last of those in “mythological” personalized (but non-human) form.’ (HoME10)

Sauron was the last ‘non-human power-point of Evil’ Men would fight against. From that follows that Herumor must be a human Evil power-point.

EDIT: Also, in accordance with the Sauron-model, Herumor would probably be presiding over human sacrifices in a manner of an ‘evil priest’, like Sauron did in Numenor (therefore we definitely have here also some shades of the Akallabeth). (end of EDIT)

3) Borlas gets sacrificed, or more probably, almost gets sacrificed 

Why Borlas would not join Saelon, you ask? Perhaps Borlas would turn out to be a Morgoth worshiper, in the end. I don’t think so, and there are two reasons for that: the first one is that Borlas held fast to his arguments in his philosophical discussion with Saelon and the second one is that Saelon is described in very sinister tones, treats Borlas with almost open contempt and has a grudge against the old man because Borlas berated him when he and some other boys picked unripe fruit to play with.

Just look at Saelon talking about that presumably very humiliating event and how he wants Borlas to have a taste of the ‘Orc-work’:

It was a mistake, Master Borlas. For I had heard tales of the Orcs and their doings, but I had not been interested till then. You turned my mind to them. I grew out of petty thefts (my father was not too easy), but I did not forget the Orcs. I began to feel hatred and think of the sweetness of revenge. We played at Orcs, I and my friends, and sometimes I thought: “Shall I gather my band and go and cut down his trees? Then he will think that the Orcs have really returned.”

Saelon would not want to work together with Borlas. He still wants revenge for the perceived mistreatment. Even Borlas picks up on this one:

(…) there was something disquieting in the young man’s tone, something that made him wonder whether deep down, as deep as the roots of the dark trees, the childish resentment did not still linger. Yes, even in the heart of Saelon, the friend of his own son, and the young man who had in the last
few years shown him much kindness in his loneliness. At any
rate he resolved to say no more of his own thoughts to him.

No, Saelon probably doesn’t want to convert Borlas to Morgoth worship. But an old man would surely make an easy victim for a human sacrifice. Moreover, Borlas would make a very appropriate victim, since he is an ‘orthodox’ believer, in a sense, like those first human sacrifices made to Morgoth in The Tale of Adanel had been. EDIT: And like the Faithful of Numenor, who were also deemed by Sauron as 'appropriate’ human sacrifices.

Even Borlas seems to think he might end up sacrificed because of his beliefs:

And yet - why invite me to go with him? Not to convert old Borlas! Useless. Useless to try: no one would hope to win over a man who remembered the Evil of old, however far off. (end of EDIT)

What is also interesting here is that we have some justification for Borlas tolerating Saelon’s insolent tone throughout their discussion - “the young man (…) in the last few years (has) shown him much kindness in his loneliness”, much like Melkor did in Valinor, for some fifty years (see Annals of Aman in HoME 10, p106), after his own humiliation ‘at the feet of Manwë ’:

But fair-seeming were all the words and deeds of Melkor in that time, and both the Valar and the Eldar had profit from his aid and counsel, if they sought it (…) it seemed to Manwë that the evil of Melkor was cured. (Silmarillion)

I dare to say that we get a glimpse at Melkor’s ‘psychology’ through these Saelon’s words:

Even then you were not content to let ill alone: to deter me with a beating,
or to strengthen your fences. No. You were grieved and wanted to improve me. You had me into your house and talked to me.

Well, Manwë certainly took Melkor into his house and wanted to improve him. And Melkor definitely saw this as a humiliation and wanted revenge for this ‘slight’.

So, that is why Saelon gives off a sinister vibe - he is Melkor under the magnifying glass - that is, some of the previous ‘mythological’ events (like ‘the song of the Ainur’ or ‘the unchaining of Melkor’) get reiterated on the smaller level in The New Shadow, also shedding some ‘new light’ onto those past mythological events, fleshing them out, so to say, furthering our understanding of them.

EDIT: @feanorus-rex : Yeah, I didn’t really address the actual cliffhanger, lol, that is, I didn’t try to identify the 'intruder’ in Borlas’s house. But I don’t think anything really crucial was about to happen at that point of the story.

Remember, it is already established at that point that Borlas is really shaken by his conversation with Saelon:

For some while after Saelon had gone Borlas stood still, covering his eyes and resting his brow against the cool bark of a tree beside the path. As he stood he searched back in his mind to discover how this strange and alarming conversation had begun.

It even takes some time for him to recover and get back to the house. I think that his mind is somewhat susceptible to play tricks on him at that point, so that he, kind of, convinces himself that he actually smells that ‘old Evil’, the Orcs:

Suddenly he smelt it, or so it seemed, though it came as it were from within outwards to the sense: he smelt the old Evil and knew it for what it was.

He also becomes afraid himself that he might end up dead:

He was to be lured to some place where he could disappear, like the Shipmen?

However, he does find the doors of his house open. If the doors weren’t forced open, it might be his son, Berelach, that came home. But I think that the real danger was supposed to come a little later, at full dark, when Saelon returns. I was more intrigued by where Saelon might take Borlas.


The first TsuStar request!!! Yessss. Finally, this couple got some love! Also, anon, I hope Black Star wasn’t too out of character in this text. I tried to go for the Black Star that isn’t too peppy and take the approach as to when he is serious. I wanted to take him in another direction rather than his usual demeanor. I hope I did an adequate job. <3

QoAaD theory time folks, one of many


(spoils 4 TMI and LoSbut if you’re reading this, you’ve probs read most of Cassie Clare’s books)

in city of lost souls, Jace is severed from the bond Sebastian creates between him and Jace by Clary stabbing him with the sword of Michael, which is a sword created by most likely God, and most likely forged in heavenly fire, and Jace is then filled and possessed by, you guessed it, heavenly fire. Jace also passes out for several days, awakening with newer traits like less consentration and focus, better speed, reflexes, strength and power.

in the end of lord of shadows, Livvy, poor sweet baby angel Livvy, is stabbed by Annabel, using the half broken Mortal Sword. On page 696 of LoS, the sword is described as “leaking black fluid like tree sap”, before it ultimately ends up in Livvy’s chest. Mind you, in city of ashes, Valentine changes the alligence of the Mortal sword from angelic to demonic.

so in a some sort of way, the Mortal sword and the sword of Michael are kinda like polar opposites, the Mortal sword having the allegiance of the demonic and the sword of Michael having the alligence of the angelic.

so if the sword of Michael consumes Jace with the fire of angels,

what if the Mortal sword consumes Livvy with the fire of demons?

think about it

Jace is often described in CoHF as “having the fire of angels in his blood”.

And some of that “black liquid” must of gotten into Livvy’s bloodstream, as the heavenly fire entered Jace’s bloodstream.

both Jace and Livvy were both stabbed in the chest.

And if Jace survived being stabbed by a sword of immense power,

so would Livvy.

so what if Livvy isn’t dead, she’s just in some sort of demonic coma, similar to what Jace went through after being stabbed by Clary. So when she awakens, we won’t have the same Livvy we had before.

Cassie has said that after The Wicked Powers, the way of a Shadowhunter will be different forever

and if Ash turns out to be the villain of The Wicked Powers,

what if he begins to use Livvy against the Shadowhunters, as the Clave used Jace against Sebastian as revenge for murdering his father.

So it comes full circle.

the blood of angels using God’s weapon against the blood of demons in the first act of the ultimate war

the blood of demons using The Devil’s weapon against the blood of angels in the final act of the ultimate war.

(ok I have mad chills now)

MLP Gameloft: COMPLETE Zecora's Totems mixtures list

This list contains all the Element Shard Totem mixtures in the Gameloft My Little Pony app.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their discoveries; this list would’ve taken me days and likely a whole lot of Gems to complete on my own. (Superior Magic has a wait time of 24+ DAYS!!)

Laughter: Mushrooms / Joke Flower / Red Orchid

Kindness: Mushrooms / Joke Flower / Sap

Loyalty: Joke Flower / Sticky Sap / Red Orchid

Generosity: Mushroom / Red Orchid / Garlic

Magic: Mushroom / Red Orchid / Black Iris (thanks beewhisperer101)

Honesty: Mushroom / Sticky Sap / Red Orchid

Greater Laughter: Mushrooms / Joke plant / Garlic (thanks beewhisperer101)

Greater Kindness: Mushrooms / Garlic / Sticky Sap (thanks andreasbrowning)

Greater Loyalty: Black Iris / Red Orchid / Joke flower

Greater Generosity: Mushrooms / Joke flower / Black Iris

Greater Magic: Garlic / Sticky Sap / Red Orchid (thanks boshiru!)

Greater Honesty: Joke flower / Red Orchid / Garlic (thanks katzenwolf!)

Superior Laughter: Mushrooms / Black Iris / Sticky Sap (beewhisperer101 again!)

Superior Kindness: Mushrooms / Black Iris / Garlic

Superior Loyalty: Red Orchid / Garlic / Black Iris

Superior Generosity: Joke flower / Garlic / Sticky Sap

Superior Magic: Joke flower / Black Iris / Sticky Sap

Superior Honesty: Black iris / Sticky Sap / Red Orchid (thanks akashadebathory)

Friendship: Joke flower / Garlic / Black Iris (thanks boshiru)

Greater Friendship: Garlic / Black Iris / Sticky Sap (thanks kaztenwolf!)

fill in the below categories with  3 - 5  things that your character can be identified by. repost  &  tag away.

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  • Resignation
  • Irony
  • Bitterness
  • The sensation of being lost in the mist


  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Ashy blue
  • Black


  • Burnt coal
  • Sweat
  • Sap
  • The Smell of Books


  • leather armour
  • Sturdy boots
  • Belt-pouch


  • Trap
  • Books
  • A pebble


  • Loneliness
  • Resignation
  • Giving up


  • Smirk
  • Tilting his head
  • Gesticulating while speaking


  • Campfires
  • A dark library
  • A camp in the woods
  • A book with a skull on it


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remus and sirius loved to hike in the summertime. remus definitely gave sirius piggyback rides when he got too tired. 

sometimes voluntarily,  but other (most) times, sirius just jumped on with a

“onward, my trusty steed!” hand raised in the air in some kind of battle cry. 

and an inevitable eye roll from remus. 

this is why sirius had a thing for tall guys. 

though he liked having to get on his tippy toes and how remus had to reach down to kiss him back. 

(don’t tell him that, though.)

sirius black is definitely not a sap, no. 

Did You See The Sky
by Rachel Jamison Webster

Did you see the sky through me
tonight, carbon blues and clouds like ropes
of wool behind a fringe of branches,
great combs of black stilling in their sap,
stiffening with winter. I like to imagine
love can pull your essence like red thread
through the cold needle of my life now
without you. I was just driving home
from the grocery store and looking up
over the roofs, I remembered once when
I was overthrowing my thoughts
for doubts you said, I know how to love you
because I hitchhiked, and it was never the same sky twice.

Now, I hear you say, this music is like wind
moving through itself to wind, intricate
as the chimes of light splintering into
everything while glowing more whole.
It is nothing like those dusty chords
on your radio, each an ego
of forced air, heavy with the smells
of onions, mushrooms, sage and rain.
Drink it in, you say, those corded clouds
and throaty vocals. You will miss all this
when you become the changing.

#Blackout PSA

Ok I’m on mobile so I’m not gonna have a super fancy format for this one.
Disclaimer: Trigger warning: Swearing. When I name a race, a social class, etc.. I mean no prejudice against it, and you as the reader may discuss my intent of anything I say in this through a tagged post or the inbox feature. Let’s begin.

I am sick and fucking tired of every possible majority with access to technology trying to act like the black community is sapping away their preciousness. When #blackout was announced, all white people, Asians, Latinos, etc wanted to do was somehow combat their attempt to feel special. “Oh, the blacks want to represent themselves for 1 of the 365.25 days in a year? I feel that this is oppression and that I deserve a day, too.” Fair enough, right?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. It sickens me to see that people only want to be put in the spotlight because the black people of the internet wanted one day.
The black community wanted one day to let everyone know that they can be beautiful, amazing people. It was a day to destroy stereotypes, and a righteous attempt to clean up the reputation that worldwide assumptions had made concrete. Black representation was corrupted because of others only recognizing the worst traits about the race.
When you all (I’ll explain who has the curse of that addressing later) then made it into a diluted, and therefor less special and unique, series of events, #blackout was made into a shell of what it was before. All of these other appreciation days have obliterated what #blackout was supposed to mean.
White people in particular are literally the icon of beauty in any form of media by default. People don’t think twice about casting in all white, and they have the whole year for glorification. But noooo when black people want one day to try to show that they are capable of being beautiful without a white person next to them, what happens? You complain that they’re stealing your thunder. “White people need representation, too!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA BULL FUCKING SHIT. White people cover media like snow covers Canada, in layers and covering the colors of everything beneath it.
WHICH brings me to #yellowout, #brownout, etc.. SAME THING. If you can’t think to do this until black people want their representation, there’s an obvious reason. It’s the idea that black people can’t have their own day. That their existence reliant on other social factions. Equality can’t happen if you keep trying to beat black people at a game you’ve been rigging.

Did You See the Sky

Did you see the sky through me
tonight, carbon blues and clouds like ropes
of wool behind a fringe of branches,
great combs of black stilling in their sap,
stiffening with winter. I like to imagine
love can pull your essence like red thread
through the cold needle of my life now
without you. I was just driving home
from the grocery store and looking up
over the roofs, I remembered once when
I was overthrowing my thoughts
for doubts you said, I know how to love you
because I hitchhiked, and it was never the same sky twice.
Now, I hear you say, this music is like wind
moving through itself to wind, intricate
as the chimes of light splintering into
everything while glowing more whole.
It is nothing like those dusty chords
on your radio, each an ego
of forced air, heavy with the smells
of onions, mushrooms, sage and rain.
Drink it in, you say, those corded clouds
and throaty vocals. You will miss all this
when you become the changing.

Rachel Jamison Webster