Random: Do you watch *insert show*?
me: Are there lesbians?
Random: uh no
me: no

  • Got a beautifully diverse cast. A native American man and a Moroccan Arabic sweetheart (Bless Bless BLESS) in the main characters, absolutely beautiful black amazons warriors That Will Slay Your Ass, and Wonder Woman herself is Israeli and god she’s the queen
  • Had the most amazing fight scenes!!! I think i forgot to breath for like 40 minutes in that theater. Wonder Woman is just. So f*king impressive. She kicks so many asses and doesn’t apologize for it. The amazons are so destructive i legit cried just watching them fight. So fierce, so strong. You will be simultaneously terrified and Turned On. I guarantee it.
  • Steve Trevor Will Steal Your Heart and you can fucking trust him with it because he is a sweetheart who will never hurt no kind soul. He is so great. Chris Pine is so great. And his eyes. So blue wtf,,,
  • Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman. It’s her. I am now 99% convinced Wonder Woman somehow managed to star in her own movie. Seriously, Gal owns the character in such a selfless and respectful way. Better yet, she makes you become so invested in Wonder Woman’s struggles. You cry with her, laugh with her, fall in love with her. She was perfect.
  • The music will make you want to get out and punch a Nazi. (BTW, I 100% recommend to u to do that)
  • Sweet baby Jesus i have not been this invested in a heterosexual romance in 200 years and yet Steve and Diana are so good for each other it’s kinda heartbreaking
  • Go watch this movie. It’s 100% worth your money and time i guarantee it.
Favourites Masterlist!!

As Tumblr was being a dick, I had to cut out my favourite Supernatural fics from this masterlist and put them on this new one X

Decided to put all my favourite imagines/smut/preferences into one post. I would recommend everyone to read all of these, and be sure to check out the blogs because they are seriously amazing! (* is smut)

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Parlatene. Parlatene sempre. Perché i silenzi diventano pietre.
E le pietre diventano muri. E i muri, distanze incolmabili.
—  Angel story

We’re gonna have two MoC play kings next year.

With black women as warriors and interesting black villains.

We’re going to have so many PoC playing roles they haven’t been able too before.

We’re going to give actors who’ve deserved it more exposure to mainstream media.

And they’re both going to be directed by men of colour.

I honestly can’t wait.

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The ‘Alt-Left’ Only Exists To Liberals
Intellectual dishonesty: avoiding critically honest and comprehensive approach to a matter because it may introduce an adverse effect on…
By Devyn Springer

My Latest: On the myth of the “Alt-Left,” identity politics, and liberalism. 

The conflation of the left with liberalism is a method of neoliberalism in the preservation of capitalism. It is within this conflation of leftism and liberalism, whether subconsciously through lack of proper political education or purposefully for the obfuscation of their own centrist positionality, the liberal creation of the “alt-left” is part of the historical assault on the left by those willfully apt to compromise with fascism. This conflation, or equalization if you will, of the left with the alt-right — or, as most leftists refer to them, neo-nazis — illuminates the dedication to inaction that is so deeply inherent to liberal politics.


To claim an “alt-left” is to position something as “alternative” to a main framework of larger ideology. However, this logical progression falls flat when examining what exactly this particular “alt-left” is alternative to: the center.To whom does the “alt-left” exist? Liberals, who sit at the center, comfortable in their inaction and collusion with the right. Liberals, who Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously described as preferring “a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice.” The “alt-left” is not a problem, James Wolcott, because it does not exist. If anything, liberals operating under the framework of neoliberalism, more dedicated to capital than protecting the lives of the marginalized, are the biggest problem to my liberation as a Black queer socialist warrior. So please, continue to cheer ‘go, State, go[sic]’ as you vilify the only functioning piece of resistance in a country built on the degradation of my ancestors, and is sustained through my exploitation.