Every time I see someone mention Andy’s height, it’s something different. Oh, he’s 6 foot. Oh, he’s 6'2", no, he’s 6'4" … like I feel like he’s gonna end up some kind of mythological being passed down from generation to generation getting taller and taller

like Ya my great great great gram’s fav singer was Angle Bearsap from Dark Wedding Dress. He had glass bones, his eyes were LITERALLY the ocean and he was 72 feet tall

A PSA directed towards the masses

You say Pink?
We say Black
You say Bieber?
We say Biersack
You say Pop?
We say Rock
You Twerk?
We Mosh
You say Emo?
We say Gods
You say have my babies
We say…. Have my babies :3
You say Its just a band
We say Its more than a band
You have a fandom?

Empty dash

Helloooo, we needed some blogs to follow. Many of the blogs we currently follow aren’t always active, so yeah. If you post any of these:


-super danganronoa2


-danganronpa: ultra despair girls


-pierce the veil

-black veil brides


-Hunter x Hunter


-senran kagura

-anything about pastel stuff

-tokyo ghoul

-persona 3,4,5

-black butler

-anything funny

Then reblog, heart, all the good stuff. Thanks!

Okay people, for real, how old are you all? Bc the things I’m reading suggest that the members of the bvb army are like 12. Every so often Ashley-rumours start to appear, and even though it might be fun for y’all to discuss all these crazy theories IT IMPACTS A REAL PERSON’S LIFE. He has already stated that he is doing great so can the gossip-adoring people, like, chill? You’re stressing Ashley and some members of the bvb army out.