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This summer I went to my first Warped Tour, I have the guidance of a few YouTube videos on how to meet bands and all that jazz but in my head I wasn’t planning on meeting anyone due to pervious time I tried to meet bands.

Well on August 2 (Denvers warped tour date) my little sister and I arrived at 7:15AM to get into warped, after a long wait around 10 I decided it would be good to go get our skip the line pass. As I waited in line I saw someone I had recognized from photos. It was no other than the Patty Walters from As It Is. I had dreamed of meeting him and the others so I causally went up to them and just observed them as the talked to other fans. They had noticed I was standing there and asked how I was and all that.

Next came Andy Biersack and his Think TEI class. Denver was Andy’s last class for his Think For Yourself class. The class was amazing he was so kind and caring. As some people know, before the class we are told that we can’t touch Andy during the class or even for the picture. Well here comes the great part, when we were getting lined up for the picture Andy was trying to find a place to stand. Me being me I said “hey Andy it’s my friends birthday” (she’s the girl on Andys right in the picture) and he didn’t hear me but her mom told him and asked who she was, her mom and I pointed to her. He causally walked up to us and said happy birthday to her. So we aren’t supposed to touch him, but he puts his arms around us and says “I know I’m not supposed to touch them and they aren’t supposed to touch me but f*^k that! It’s my last class and they deserve it.” Best day ever! Thank you Warped Tour 2K15