Okay so am in school and every morning people stand up to do the pledge and I don’t, and my teacher (white) asked me why I don’t stand up and I bluntly said because I don’t want to and she was like “is this some type of protest or something?” And I said again “no I just don’t want to stand up” and the conversation ended just like that. Then this annoying kid (white) said “wow miracle you finally stood up for the pledge” I simply told him to “shut the fuck up” because it shouldn’t matter I do or not I have my reasons and it shouldn’t concern you. But my problem with the situation was why did she have to ask me why I don’t stand up for the pledge and not the other students who were also sitting down mind you she’s seen the not stand up for the pledge for the past year (there white) but it was a problem for me not to. Am really confused by this and yea.
*btw am a freshmen in high school & I go to a mostly white dominated school