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I'm looking to revamp my wardrobe and I was wondering if you had some staples every 20 year old girl should have?

Here is a list of items similar to ones I wear weekly. These items are super versatile and make great staple pieces in any wardrobe. They are super easy to mix and match, creating a ton of looks, and you can use different accessories to style them. I’ve tried to make this list affordable, with all items under $100:


White sneakers 

Black lace up heels (I have these in two colors, on sale currently)

Simple sandals

Brown booties

Workout sneakers


Ripped skinny jeans

Dark wash skinny jeans

White jeans (I wear white jeans so often)

Denim shorts

Black skirt

Black leggings


White tee (Great staple piece)

Black tee

Navy and white striped tee

Fun graphic tee

Chambray button down

Black sleeveless top (good for going out)


Shirt dress (this one is super fun)

Black dress

White sundress


Structured blazer (good for work and presentations, I’ve needed a blazer countless times in college)

Down jacket (depending on weather where you live)

Jean Jacket

Cardigan (this one is super cute with a bottom ruffle detail, cute for internships)


Canvas tote

Black crossbody

Aviator sunglasses

Simple gold initial necklace


Hi, I’m Ava! That’s my dog Knuckles. I got some new lipstick in the mail that I decided to try before taking him out for a walk.

[Two pictures of the same girl. In the first she is standing in front of a large, dark, brick house. A black dog sits next to her, looking up at her. She is wearing sunglasses, black sandals, black jeans, and a black, sleeveless hooded top. The second picture is a close up of her face. She has the same black top on with the hood up, and is wearing bright red lipstick. She has short brown hair and straight across bangs.]

New Leggings :D - AbbyCatsUK

So yes I’ve bought myself a new pair of leggings, I’m so so happy with them. I don’t really feel I have top to go with them yet but I threw this black sleeveless top with them. It works okay, I wasn’t really happy with it but it does the job. At least I got to wear my red heels, that is always a joy :)