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OMGCP and Information About Figure Skating

Hey Guys! I’ve been in the fandom for a couple of months and have seen a lot about Bitty’s time as a figure skater. As somebody who skated for more than 2/3 of their life, I have a lot of information about this topic and would love to share it for fic purposes! 

  • What people do on the ice are generally referred to as “jumps” and “spins” rather than “tricks” or “twirls”
  • Men wear black skates and women wear white (but fuck gender norms amirite)
  • You generally can’t sharpen your own skates and have to bring them to other people
  • Speaking of which, if you’re skating a lot, you should be getting your skates sharpened every 2 or 3 weeks
  • Bitty can’t do a lot of jumps on hockey skates as most require a toe pic (however, he could do an axel, loop, or salchow (pronounced sow-cow) because these are edge-based jumps)
  • You can’t skate when the zamboni is on the ice - unless you want to get yelled at :(
  • Bitty probably can’t do quadruple jumps and I would be surprised if he could do most triples - if he had a quad axel, he’d be going to the Olympics and he probably wouldn’t casually do a triple axel while warming up or figure skating for the first time in a while
  • In skating, a flip jump refers to this rather than a front flip or back flip like you might imagine. Those are actually illegal to do in competition 
  • A skater has a long, short, artistic light, and dramatic program, serious skaters focus on the short and long
  • Artistic light and dramatic are when the skater has the ability to show off their artistry and have fun
  • Longs and shorts are technical and are comprised of jumps, spins, footwork, and other choreography
  • These are generally around four minutes long
  • There are different levels in figure skating and they are not determined by age, you have to test up
  • I’d say Bitty was probably a junior or senior (second highest and highest level, respectively, for a non professional skater)
  • Bitty went to Regionals in 2010 and back then you weren’t allowed to skate to lyrical songs for long/short so he couldn’t have skated to Halo :(
  • Scoring is no longer on the 6.0 system, the new system is called IJS and it is very confusing
  • While breaking in skates definitely isn’t fun, it’s pretty manageable (think a few weeks of sore feet and maybe a few blisters–not Ice Princess)
  • Skate moms are THE WORST™. Seriously, my club was approached by the producers of Dance Moms to see if we wanted a show. That’s how much drama there is. 
  • We did not want a show. 
  • If your fic has Bitty working with Jack on his skating and speed, have him start with posture (IT IS SO IMPORTANT)
  • You can not seriously skate in jeans. Please don’t skate in jeans.

Please message me if you have any questions or just want to talk about figure skating because I love talking about it!