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So I was telling my mom this story about a car and she looks at me and goes “so says the girl that at five years old was walking to ballet in her black leotard and pink tutu stopped at the sound of Harley two blocks away and waited until it drove past and went coooooool. In a deep dragged out voice” I died laughing and told my friend this story over the phone to hear “so you even oozed gay even at 5”

(Callout post)

I’m sorry to clog anyone’s dash but this is very important

The user above has been stalking and hate following me with malicious intent for about 8 months, possibly more now, simply because me, an African American, ID as E//nric/o Pu/c//ci

I’d like to remind you that kin/IDing as a character can just be used as a coping mechanism, and that I have done nothing to this user, yet they have threatened to KILL ME multiple times because of who I’m kin with. Please keep in mind that they are 2 years older than me and white

They are also manipulative and send, or sometimes post, pictures of their self harm scars and tell people they know that they are the cause of it or it’s their fault. They cover up for this behavior by guilt tripping others by threatening to kill themselves, claiming it’s how they ask for help/reach out, or even try to play victim

I have asked before if me following them made them feel uncomfortable in any way, trying to avoid any conflict, and they said no, even though obviously it does. I refuse to be mistreated after I’ve tried to avoid this kind of situation, especially over something so unimportant

I HAVE PROOF, HOWEVER I cannot post it online due to privacy reasons. You may pm me anytime for it though and I’ll gladly show

(Also keep in mind this user mass deletes posts, pictures, or any kind of evidence of themselves acting this way, so public evidence is hard to find. Not only that but I have blocked them out of fear for my life so I can’t message or look at previous conversations between us)

Please reblog if you can, and have a nice day

Over the course of Black Sails, Luke Arnold’s John Silver has progressed from a thorn in Flint’s side to his reluctant sidekick in Season 2 to his confidante in Season 3. By the show’s fourth and final season, “friends” seems like an inadequate word. They share an emotional shorthand and understand each other in a way nobody else does. To its credit, just as it did with Flint’s relationship with Miranda Hamilton (Louise Barnes) Black Sails doesn’t try to define it neatly.

“There’s a need in Flint for Silver as a sort of alter-ego,” says Stephens. “As an expression or an extension of himself. That was interesting for me to play, especially this season where there’s a shift in power. There’s a sense that Flint’s star is declining, and Silver’s is ascending, and how that isn’t going to end well. Yet in a way, Flint makes it happen. He sort of gives away his power to Silver. Why does he do that? It’s interesting.”

For his part, Stephens thinks it comes down to sharing the burden of his position. “He finds a kindred spirit in Silver. It’s finding this balance between somebody who’s driven by pragmatism but also has this dark side — this anger that’s feeding it, these motivations that are emotional. Flint projects this on him. Because I don’t think Silver can ever live up to that. I don’t think anybody can live up to these things that Flint demands of them. It’s how that resolves itself which is where Season 4 really kind of comes into its own.“

—  “friends” seems like an inadequate word, Toby Stephens on Flint and Silver for Inverse