“I understand. I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world.

The way before you has been prepared.”    

“…and they both look down on me. She laughs at me, the child. I want to become a man! I want to become a man and wreck the world!
I want to…

I want to…

I want to wreck the world!”

In the Pacific Rim AU, the student council duelists copilot with their black rose duelist. Miki and Kozue, really work well together but they have their off days. Juri and Shiori worked well for a while, but they had a fight and Shiori got injured in-Jaeger that day because of that and they split up. Tsuwabuki can easily synch up to Nanami, but he gets distracted sometimes. Saionji and Wakaba synch well, but Saionji takes the spotlight and some people forget about Wakaba. Touga and Keiko don’t work that well together: Touga isn’t taking it seriously and wants a “better” copilot and Keiko isn’t able to keep up with him like that.

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  • Me: So my brother and I are watching "The Black Rose Saga" Utena episodes, and we're talking about how the Black Rose duelists got down from the arena.
  • Utena: So, how do we explain how Kozue got back down here?
  • Anthy: Oh I'm sure she's woken up in stranger places, Miss Utena,
  • Brother: And then they just ring the doorbell and run away.
  • Me: But Utena has to go back because Anthy's just standing there.
  • Brother: And Miki opens the door and he's "WHAT THE-

Were it not in the context of a basketball game/layered over a background of rose petals, this would be a creepy image. Either way, I think it’s actually pretty indicative of the progression of the dueling game that will eventually be established - they’re all reaching out for something, but only one will reach higher than the rest.


[Image: First image is Kanae and Akio sitting on a couch hold hands. Second image is Kanae as a Black Rose Duelist sobbing into her hands as her ring turns to dust.

Text: First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes the collapse of humanity. Then comes dissolution of the sun. Then comes entropy.]

Text originally from the Night Vale Twitter.


Something I did not notice the first time I watched Utena: the dead Black Rose duelists before they’re thrown into the furnace after Utena wins each duel.  The coffins close into the wall too fast to see unless you pause in the right place.  (Keiko doesn’t get a shot like this for some reason.)