26 Years. 26 Roles.

On February 25, 1989, my first seiyuu waifu was born. The woman with a cute, calm, conservative demeanour and has one of the cutest voices in anime. Happy Birthday Hanazawa Kana! More power to you (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤!

anonymous asked:

do you mind recommending some good yuri animes?

I think I made a list a while ago so you could search the asks in my archive but idk here’s a slightly updated list

top tier: hibike 1+2, flip flappers, izetta, diebuster, toaru kagaku no railgun, madoka, marimite, black rock shooter ova, canaan, little witch academia, mai-hime, omoide no marnie (not rly yuri but it’ll feel like one for the first half)
mid tier (decent but generic): all the wixoss seasons, yuuki yuuna wa yuusha de aru or something idk, love live (pls don’t kill me), black rock shooter tv series, candy boy, love lab, re-kan, new game, rinne something lagrange? idk, yuru yuri series, mai-otome, yuri kuma, inugami and nekoyama
cute but it’s trash, watch at your own risk tier: sakura trick, akuma no riddle
avoid/this is actual garbage tier: valkyrie drive mermaid, ange vierge, strawberry panic, kannazuki no miko

italics = series that I personally enjoyed watching
stuff I haven’t finished but plan on doing so: utena (which I’m currently watching), aoi hana, simoun, sasameki koto something idk, oniisama e, maria holic, rin daughters of mnemosomething

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