there is absolutely no one that would get james’ approval to be the prominent leader of the very pirate revolution he sacrified so much to create except for john silver and that is turning me into and emotional mess

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So my friends tell me that I have a knack for creating resumes and cover letters.  I have gotten my friends numerous fellowships and positions in the past.  I want to hone my talent.  Send me your resume, cover letter, and a link to the position you are applying to and I will help you get the job of your dreams! 

This is absolutely free as I want to build a client base.

Message me on here or email me at

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Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2AM?

If Darcy could put “besties with Black Widow” on her resume, she would. Though, she was pretty sure it would land her somewhere around the 50/50 mark on a scale of ‘would help her get a job’ and ‘would get her blacklisted from ever applying for a job in the general vicinity of said place again.’ Eh. She would still proudly declare herself a friend of Natasha’s. Which was why she was not freaking out that the super spy was sleuthing around the medical office, which conveniently happened to be down the hall from Jane’s lab. 

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Tips For Avoiding The Resume Black Hole

Many job seekers spend countless hours writing, polishing and blasting their résumés to dozens of companies. Then they wait and never hear a thing. Here’s how you change that and ensure your résumé is seen:

1) Have someone proofread your résumé.

2) Keep it simple. Avoid graphics and logos  that may “clog” how an applicant tracking system reads your resume.

3) Research the company’s hiring process.

4) Network and use your connections.

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Dope Interview with Lil Debbie