xenomusicology said: Do you ever feel just the tiniest bit silly saying “Here, look at my black rat snake” while holding an all-white animal? LOL (I know, she still is a black rat snake even if she is leucistic, but it’s still funny!)


LOL yes, when I show people pictures of the snakes and introduce Glados as the “ black rat snake” it tends to get some raised eyebrows. 

I love these moments of Sirius’s thoughtfulness toward Ron Weasley, a boy who he basically only just met and barely interacted with.

Was this what Sirius was like when the Order members all started having their babies? Was he the one carefully tracking what was going on with everyone’s kids?

“Frank, I know Neville keeps losing his pacifier, so I charmed this one so it will permanently hover over his head when it’s not inside its case.”

“Molly, I know Percy’s front tooth has been getting looser and looser, so here’s a Sickle to put under his pillow. I’m sure it’ll be happening any day now.”

“James, I know Harry is having trouble sleeping, so I handmade this mobile for his crib with tiny wooden sculptures of everyone he loves. Me, you, me, Lily, me, Remus, me, the cat, me, Peter, and me.”

Comics to read instead of Rat Queens

Rat Queens was created by Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch. The comic was meet with praise and admiration as it released. However, it came to everyone’s attention that Roc had abused his wife. This is not alleged in this case it is fact, it is admitted by Upchurch himself. Kurtis assured everyone that he would indeed be placing Roc and he did. We were told he was no longer attached in any way. Eventually Tess Fowler was brought with the idea that she would be the artist for the rest of the books life. It was looking great and the run was going great. Then suddenly Tess finds out that Roc Upchurch was never detached, he was always a part of the book despite having asked to know if he was involved in any way. Indeed he had intended to replace her with Upchurch again after their hiatus was up. So Tess quit and told everyone what was up. Fans are leaving the book and spades not wanting to support abuse. So here is a list of books you can buy if you don’t want to support abuse.  Also here is further reading if you want to know more about Roc : You can start right here, buy any of the comics that Tess has worked on.  Her art is fantastic and having some of her covers or issues is a great way to if not get some money in her pocket at least let publishers know to hire her for a future project.

Raven the Pirate Princess: If a dose of girl power and a fantasy setting is what got you excited for Rat Queens then your going to love the hell out of Raven the Pirate Princess. Set in the Princeless universe there is fantasy stuff going on although it focuses on the pirate end of this universe as Raven, our lesbian lead, seeks revenge on her brothers who had her locked away. This story isn’t raunchy but it’s got a huge cast of awesome kids, fighting and societal commentary.

Kim and Kim: Tess will be doing covers for Kim and Kim the upcoming Black Masks book. Kim and Kim also, from everything I have read of the book, is a great fit for fans of Rat Queens. Kim and Kim and interdimensional  bounty hunters who are queer. It’s got the girlier bits of Rat Queens, it’s got action, it’s got a lot of the things that really made Rat Queens shine.

Jade Street Protection Services: This upcoming book is coming very soon and is focused on a girl gang. A magical girl gang, and when i say magical girl I mean like Sailor Moon. The book is all ages so don’t expect your Rat Queens sex scenes but you can expect action, a team of females who are outside the system and more greatness.

Jem and the Holograms:  This is another great book if you like the awesome female friendship end of Rat Queens and don’t need the blood splattering bits. Jem is about a band of girls trying to make it with a bit of sifi elements mixed in.

Lumberjanes: Lumberjanes is kinda a PG Rat Queens set in modern times. Lumberjanes states a group of more or less girl scouts in a magical set of woods where monsters and stuff are. They fight monsters, solve mysteries and all that stuff. It takes Friendship to the max and its just a totally great thing.

Angela (series): Warning this book is from Marvel has knowingly hired plenty of assholes in recent times. However, if you want to detach the company from the comics then Angela the series is one that does a lot to appeal to RQ fans. It stars a lesbian couple as they do some adventures in often unexplored parts of the Marvel universe.  The 1602 series is set in fantasy and they hunt monsters so you can get a sort of familiar setting there. Then the arc after is Angela Queen of Hel where Angela busts into Hel to save Sera. Lots of awesome monsters in that run, cool action and it’s on the more intense end of Marvel books.  

Insexts: Want murder, want sex, want lesbians, want fun? Then get Insexts I don’t want to spoil too much since the book is still pretty recent but it’s got bug ladies and all sorts of great stuff all around.

The Wicked + The Divine: Like the blood and insane things happening from Rat Queens. Well with the first snap of the fingers The Wicked + The Divine will have you hooked. Gods walk among us again inside the bodies of people, they have 2 years to live but shit begins to go wrong when Lucifer is framed from a crime.