I’m sure we hear more about him in the future. We have got to get these kids to understand that striving to be a rapper, football and basketball player is not the only thing out there. Unfortunately, kids make fun of kids who get good grades or are in honor classes because they don’t view it as being cool. It is critical to stop the bullying and stop that mentality. At some point the cycle of poverty needs to stop somewhere within a family. A child that focuses on school and graduates high school and moves on to college helps end the perpetuation of repeating the cycle of uneducated people in a family structure. When that child graduates and hopefully moves on to a great career. Numerous inventors were black.. THIS is what our youth should focus on, strive for!

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Cardi B got me fucked up 😩


Myths about black fatherhood have already been debunked. In a 2013 report, the CDC found that a higher percentage of black fathers eat a meal with their children every day than white or Latino fathers. They also bathe, diaper and dress their children daily at a higher rate than other dads too. But those myths persist — and these rappers are happy to crush them.

Black men have a hand in being responsible for:

  • The Kardashian/Jenners (I even recall the comment Kanye made about Beyonce and Kim being on the same level
  • JLo (Diddy)
  • Iggy Azalea (TI)
  • Fergie (Will-I-AM)
  • YesJulz (cosigned by Wiz Khalifa)
  • Miley (Mikewillmadeit, wiz khalifa e.g and more)

Oh and Camila Cabello has posted selfies of studio sessions with Tyler the Creator and Pharrell. The same Camila who had leaked messages calling Normani Kordei the N word

not a damn one of these black male rappers, artists and producers cultivate black female artists. But as soon as a white pop star needs some PR and street cred, they’re rushing to deliver their hottest tracks. Then the white pop stars run their sound into the ground and walk off into their next image. More worried about a quick buck and fifteen minutes of fame. Nonblack female entertainers who do all the stuff black women are criticized for doing are welcome with open arms by these guys. Black women on the other hand knew the deal with but if we open our mouths we are told to sit our jealous, bitter, angry asses down and stfu.