Atlanta rapper withdraws $200,000 in cash from the bank to buy a car

The rapper said he had withdrawn the cash to buy a vehicle. Initially, Benson said he was in the market for a Maybach, but after the incident at the bank, he said he was thinking about a Ferrari.

“I’m feeling fast,” Benson said.

Withdrawing while black is a crime now. He’s lucky to be alive. Hate it!

So, this NY Post journalist’s name is Phil Mushnick and he writes a sports column. Even though Chance the Rapper is now the official ambassador of White Sox, Mushnick saw fit to try and prove that the musician doesn’t deserve it. In his article he described Chance’s music as “standard dehumanizing gangsta rap” in which “young black men are n*****s”.

Why don’t you people say stuff like that about Iggy Azalea? Why do you even think you’re qualified to comment on a culture you don’t belong to in the first place?