about tarted up: a project i started when i realised most of the clothing i get in ea packs were going to waste :-( i give them small, simple makeovers that make them more useable. please enjoy!

  • from way overdressed to preppy chic
  • only comes in black with white piping (psd
  • base game compatible
  • please don’t claim as your own!


its the year 2018. entire rps are written in wingdings. icons are 1x1 with a psd that blacks the entire image out. we use several thousand tags per post. box themes have gotten so small and detailed that your computer crashes every time you open someone’s blog

about Nicole’s new uniform from later in the season:

it has the PSD logo on the sleeves so it might just be a new PSD uniform but it could also be all black with the PSD logo because it’s a Black Badge/PSD combo uniform just for her which means Nicole is finally included in the team and catch me pretending to be sure of that until I’m proven wrong/and or die

anyway, thoughts?