DSP Update 10/21

2) Sleepy.

Giltz: Lululu, lu~ Lulu~ Lulu.

1) Sketch

Ivlis: I don’t care about others gods.
Ivlis: I don’t think others gods.
Ivlis: For me, God, aah.
Ivlis: You are the only one.

Information: I’m sorry these are only sketches (I have to finish this, which is a crisis because I haven’t done it)
I want to draw various others histories too… Something like a comic of an angel of light (Sunlight) being attacked or a graffiti about a black Kitten having a bad time or a comic about an Old Man having a dream about… Oooooh.
(I can´t understand the last, too much black points, I am sorry)


2) Soñoliento

Giltz: Lululu, lu~ Lulu~ Lulu.

1) Borrador

Ivlis: Los otros dioses no me importan.
Ivlis: Yo no pienso en otros dioses
Ivlis: Para mí Dios, Aah.
Ivlis: Sólo eres tú.

Information: Lo siento son sólo borradores (Tengo que terminar esto sí o sí, lo que es una crisis porque no lo he hecho).
Quiero dibujar varios otras historias también… Algo así como un comic sobre un ángel de luz (luz del sol) siendo atacado o un graffiti de un gato negro pasándola mal o un comic sobre un viejo teniendo un sueño acerca de… Ooooh.
(Lo ultimo no lo entiendo, demasiados puntos negros, lo siento)

white feminists need to stop going “why aren’t you (black women) talking about us right now, and judging situations with black people by white feminist standards”

case in point: when black women are talking about black innocence and how black girls are regularly robbed of it, don’t come at the discussion of hypersexualization like we’re talking about ‘slut shaming’ and ‘body policing’, and don’t demand that we talk about All Women, when we’re talking about black girls

it’s disgusting




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