But if they were to go there with Thomas being alive, think of the angst and torture!

-Miranda is dead.
-Flint is a murderer.
-Thomas has presumably been living a life of hard labor, having been abandoned by his family and everyone who loved him (because the latter thought he was dead, not out of malice or shame).

Would they even recognize each other? Would Thomas be appalled by James’s war with the world?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of complications and emotions and repercussions.



honestly the immediate period before, during, and after james and lily’s death is really fucked up. jk rowling is like yeah sirius thought remus was a spy and apparently james and lily thought so too so they all decided not to tell him that peter was their secret keeper instead of sirius and this whole time peter is fucking them over and then fucks sirius over to the point where he’s literally imprisoned for peter’s fuckery and remus has no fucking clue and comes home to two of his best friends murdered by voldemort, their orphaned son whisked away by fucking dumbledore, since apparently remus would believe that sirius betrayed james and lily, and not only that but sirius also killed peter and left one single finger??

and he spends TWELVE YEARS thinking this is the truth. until one day james and lily’s son says he saw peter pettigrew on the map and remus’ entire reality turns on its axis. [sirius voice] the map never lies.

and you know what’s even more fucked up? even though better things happen after this, the ending is always the same: tragedy. he loses sirius again, and this time for real. there’s no coming back. right in front of harry. and he can’t even bury sirius because there’s no body, and he can’t even get sirius exonerated for peter’s crimes. there’s not even a canon memorial for sirius black.

there’s nothing.

and then he falls in love and has a child and you think finally, finally maybe this man can have his sliver of happiness. he has suffered for so long…

im not saying it was a wrong decision to kill him off. im just saying all of this is fucked up. it’s just the icing on the cake that everything went so terribly wrong on all hallows’ eve, a night where sometimes people dress up as werewolves, of all things. but they can take their costumes off afterwards. remus, though? this is his life, every day. it’s ironic and tragic and im bitter as hell.

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