Issa Rae (First black woman to create and star in a premium cable series)

Oprah Winfrey (First woman to own and produce her own talk show)

Serena Williams (First tennis player to win 23 Grand Slam singles titles in the open era)

Shonda Rhimes (First woman to create three hit shows with more than 100 episodes each)

Ava DuVernay (First black woman to direct a film nominated for a Best Picture Oscar)

Gabby Douglas (First American gymnast to win solo and team all-around gold at one Olympics)

Dr. Mae Jemison (First woman of color in space)

Mo’ne Davis (First girl to pitch a shutout and win a game in a Little League World Series)

Patricia Bath (First person to perform laserphaco cataract surgery and the first African-American female doctor to receive a medical patent)

Aretha Franklin (First woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

Ursula Burns (First black woman to run a Fortune 500 company)

Rita Dove (First black U.S. poet laureate)

Loretta Lynch (First black woman to become U.S. Attorney General)

#TheyAreTheFirst #BlackExcellence

the phase begins,
its sweet, dreamy.
but is it so bad if it ends?
you’re left with so much more that holds you both together,
so much more that will carry you through those days
that feel like they’ll never end.
filled with more love,
more passion, strength
to withstand all that tries to break you down.

that’s real love.

One’s Perception defines one’s reality

Peering into a mirror, is simply a reflection into your own permanence

Your ideals and standards of yourself form the structures of your existence

Grasp your own creation and your universe in your hands

With it pulsating and throbbing with each breath you take

See your own infinity glaring back at you

Two wonders paralleled in insecurities

Don’t feel self-conscious of your celestial streaks of genesis on your arms, legs, chest or stomach

For each stretch mark is nothing less than a well written page

Pages that form a beautiful collection of chapters

Melanated pages that tell the story of your growth and evolution

Be proud of your book of life

Never compare your body to someone else

Because you are your own masterpiece

No one will ever be created like you

No matter your tone, shape or size

You’re a one of a kind work of art

Love your body that’s radiating its own cosmic excellence

“Too Black”

Ha! I’m “too” what, you say?

“Too loud,”

“Too obnoxious,”

“Too in the way”?

My hair is “too kinky,”

I “show too much skin,”

But honey,

I’m unashamed of my melanin.

“Oh, if black lives matter,

then why not blue?”

Well, Becky,

you’d be mad too

if police were shooting you

for reaching for the ID that they asked for

or simply walking home from the convenience store.

So, Becky,

don’t ask me why I’m causing an uproar.

Ooh, you see my “angry black woman” coming out!

You’re confused,

You say there’s nothing to be mad about –

Basic. Human. Rights.

You’d think we’d have them by now

but we’re still in this fight,

still in the tunnel slowly approaching the light,

moving away from oppression until it is out of sight.

But, in the meantime,

I think I’ll continue to be “too loud,”

“Too obnoxious,”

“Too in the way.”

I love my angry black woman,

and she’s here to stay.

- Riel Felice

He Exists.

I won’t sway from my roots just because others do.
And I won’t question my beliefs just because you
choose to.
I don’t believe a big bang created this world,
& any explanation given has never made sense to me.
I’m a God-fearing woman & there are too many beautiful details including myself for me to believe that this world wasn’t handmade.
That each intricate pattern on a leaf wasn’t handmade,
that each individual snowflake wasn’t cut & corrected
into their perfect shape,
that every hair on our heads was not carefully placed,
the growth of man wasn’t God-made.

Do you really think the creator of all things would let man control everything?
We were created with love to bless another, but look what happens when we’re fed power..
we give peace to snakes & chaos to flowers.
And yet he still loves.
He still gives & gives & gives.
We don’t deserve this.
But in his eyes we’re worth it.

Whether you believe or not, he exists.

A warm glow
A light that radiates excellence 
Illuminating a love I crave to have in my life
Your glorious melanin shimmering in a golden aura
The beautiful light in your heart
Attracts me like a moth to a flame
A flare of passion that is hidden under your pain
Like a sunrise waiting for the dusk to pass
Meeting your grace at its twilight 
How does one become worthy of your radiance
How does one earn your glittering kiss
How does one dance in your light
When one’s love is left to step in the dark
Overlooked in the shadows 
Lost in a void of assumptions and insecurities 
Perpetually planning to escape this empty vacuum of space between us
One’s moment to earn your presence 
What does one have to do to be accepted into your celestial light