List of Black Owned Businesses


Plain Jane Beauty  Ⓥ - Vegan
Vault Cosmetics
Gold Label Cosmetics
Sacha Cosmetics
Black Opal Beauty

Bath & Body

Nude Acacia
The Delicate Fox
Ⓥ - Vegan - & soy candles
Theory Apothecary
Balm & Co Ⓥ - Vegan
Shea Shea Bakery
Concept Forty Seven - & candles
Jovi Shai Beauty - & hair care
Foxie Cosmetics Ⓥ - Vegan - & hair care

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Black Opal is Australia’s national gemstone, and black opal is the rarest and most valuable of its kind, at times selling at prices that rival the best diamonds. The stone must have a rich, black background, but base colors come in all shades of gray, which is why opinions vary on what is a “true” black opal. Found in the Lightning Ridge area in northwestern New South Wales, black opals are natural, solid stones that absorb scattered white light, giving it brilliant spectral colors. (Source)


We got this beautiful titanium and Black Opal Industrial Strength clicker in the mail today, and then we got to install it in this fantastic young lady’s healed daith piercing!


Lightning Ridge Black Opals :)

Black Lives Matter Calls For Global Change At United Nations Assembly

This message was reinforced by Opal Tometi, one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, during a recent address she delivered at the United Nations General Assembly.


There is so much hate against BLM! The movement itself is to prevent discrimination and police brutality and expose the corruption of police forces. The unnecessary hate towards a necessary movement is saddening. Black Lives Matter does not equal every person who’s not black. Black Lives Matter equals pay attention the police brutality and blatant racism within the US and how it’s affecting us as a race.

They must help her to face the fact that the black community is targeted more! 

This awesome client wanted some unique jewelry for his healed septum piercing. We worked with him to draw up the perfect piece, and the jewelry wizards at ANATOMETAL made it happen! This sleek black niobium ring features a cluster of snazzy black opals.

Rob, Cody, and Ali are here all day to bring your jewelry ideas to life, so come see us and let’s make magic happen.

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These are called Black opals. You can get them in Australia. I was lucky enough to get the three above for an engagement ring and the ring for my future wife. (No I am not getting engaged, but I choose the ring, so I could save a bundle. My family was rich for a very long time, but we recently hit hard times, so I also have rubies, green sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds, and guess what I don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a ring! But please know that the three pics above are not actually the opals I have, as they are very VERY small. They are smaller than my pinky’s nail :P )

But I have always been perplexed at how people have never heard of the black Opal. They are just absolutely beautiful.