Sugar- Prompt

–There’s too much sugar in his coffee, granules clinging to the rim of his mug, tongue chasing sticky sweet shine on his lips. He has too much sugar in his body, a thrum from his mind to his fingertips, a constant loop of syrupy words from his mouth, a fidget of his hips– eyes shifting and catching and lighting with energy.

–I am dark coffee, I am bitter and cling to the back of the tongue, I am a focus and a tremor after the edge of sleep. They only want me if I’m less, if they can dilute me.

– I have two scoops of his sugar in my arms now, a hand for each, granules compacted into little cubes that I can hold. There is a sweetness that has chased the acid in my belly.

– Together we have started a violent thrum. He is sugar sweet, decaying the toughest parts of me.

Favorites of 2016

Idk why, but I wanted to make a post of my favorite pieces that I’ve written in 2016 (some self positivity maybe idk lol)

Feel free to let me know your favorites (bc it would make me really happy), either off this list or something I didn’t include from my main writing list 😊

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Green has arrived! More amazing covers!

  • Tommy: Dragonzord!
  • Zack: Mastodon!
  • Kimberly: Pteradactyl!
  • Billy: Triceratops!
  • Trini: Sabertooth Tiger!
  • Jason: Tyrannosaurus

A cool keeper mentality: I want this species but I cannot afford/give this species the correct care or guarantee my personal circumstances. So I will admire, handle and love said species without the need to impulse buy and expose them to my less than ideal husbandry.