bitchy lilith
  • lilith in aries: agressive bitch
  • lilith in taurus: greedy bitch
  • lilith in gemini: gossip bitch
  • lilith in cancer: emotional bitch
  • lilith in leo: egoistic bitch
  • lilith in virgo: petty bitch
  • lilith in libra: possessive bitch
  • lilith in scorpio: manipulative bitch
  • lilith in sagittarius: cocky bitch
  • lilith in capricorn: difficult bitch
  • lilith in aquarius: rebellious bitch
  • lilith in pisces: lost bitch

lilith, also known as the dark moon, is probably the eeriest fucking thing about astrology.

in short, lilith is that emptiness, that void that you feel when you’re depressed. the thing you’re trying to find, but you just can’t. it’s been with you all your life. it’s everything you can’t be, either because of fear or you were just naturally born to not be able to lets say, explore, if you had a lilith in aquarius or unable to move on or socialize if you had a lilith in gemini.

in other words, it’s basically you against yourself. 


Third batch complete! I feel like with each passing zodiac, I’m improving on my portrait painting… so sorry Aquarius. I’ve got three more zodiacs to complete before completing the set, and i’m feeling good about completing them before Thirteen Rising comes out. Speaking of which, I CANT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON IT. Anticipation level is at a high 99.9%. 

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ruled by: libra
position: bottom
identity: feminine
natal cycle: 8 years and 10 months

what is it?
lilith is one aspect of the great goddess. in ancient babylon, she was worshipped as lilitu or ischtar. in some mythologu she is an evil demon of the night, lying in wait for men, and killing children. but in astrology, it is simply the black/dark moon.

how does it work?
the black moon has also been defined as the apogee of the moon’s orbit, or that point in the orbit farthest from earth. Both these points, the apogee and the second focal point, lie on the long axis of the orbital ellipse, the line of apsides. the second focal point lies at a distance only about 34,830 km from the earth, the apogee at about 397,000 km. apart from this, both definitions can be regarded as being equivalent. because the orbit of the moon continually shifts forward in space, the dark moon moves along the zodiac at about 40° per year. a complete cycle takes about 8 years and 10 months.

what does it represent?
lilith represents or dark side, lust, and our sins. it also represents our vulnerable side.