ZODIAC: A story
  • The characters writing Zodiac instead.
  • Hysan:Start with "Once upon a time".
  • Rho:Maybe we should start with my point of view?
  • Mathias:Definitely. Then after your point of view, I'll write my point of view.
  • Hysan:No.
  • Rubi:Is it my turn yet?
  • Nishi:I want to have a go.
  • Rho:Alright, I've written that part where I meet Ophiucus and...
  • [Ophiucus snatches book]
  • Ophiucus:You left out that detail where I loomed majestically over you.
  • Hysan:I've never heard of anyone "looming majestically".
  • Rho:Seriously?
  • Mathias:Guys, this is going to take forever.
  • Stanton:*nails the whole thing
  • Hysan:Dear Helios, I'm sure you missed out most of my parts.
  • Mathias:*wrings hands dramatically

A Black Moon is a powerful astrological period. It is believed that during the period of a Black Moon any magickal works performed are more effective and more powerful.
It is a period when the elements and all the living beings are more influenced by the power of the New Moon.

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Sailor Moon Crystal’s schedule with episode titles and air dates! 

Confirmed: Sailor Moon Crystal will be 1 season combining both the “Dark Kingdom” arc and the “Black Moon” arc from the manga with a total of 26 episodes.  

Side Note: The Black Moon arc from the manga is also known as season 2 from the classic 1990’s anime titled “Sailor Moon: R”. 

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