90. We are not allowed to streak across the field during a Quidditch Match.

Is that – Hang on – Is that a person on the field?

Amelia paused on her broom, shifting her arm so the quaffle was securely tightened in the crook of her elbow against her chest, and squinted her eyes down below at the ground as she tried to make out the figure. She could hear the buzzing of brooms around her halt, and looked up to see that others were stopping as well.

“Ames!” James Potter, the captain of her team, yelled at her, catching her attention, “What’re you doing? Go make a goal!”

Ames shook her head and pointed down at the ground with her free hand – unable to coherently explain why she had stopped.

Confused, her captain looked down at the ground at the scene that everyone else was now focused on as well.

Screams immediately started filling the audience as they abandoned watching the paused game for the boy on the field.

Amelia heard James curse out, “Bloody hell, Black.”

James waved his arm at Black, down below, and screamed out, “Oi, mate, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

In response, Sirius yelled back, “Whoo hoo!”

Then he did a cartwheel.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is unbelievable. We have a streaker on our Quidditch field and – based on the words I’m hearing come out of Professor McGonagall’s mouth – I’d say this is the first time ever! Props to Sirius Black for doing what no one else dared to do.

Ames shook her head, letting out a slight laugh as she listened to the announcer, a Hufflepuff student whose name she didn’t remember, praise the crazy boy from her house.

She didn’t know Sirius Black well as he was a couple of years older than her.  She only knew him as James Potter’s slightly (possibly an under-exaggerated term) crazy friend who disliked James playing Quidditch and loved pulling pranks.

If anyone was going to strip their clothes and run out onto the field in front of hundreds of eyes, she would have guessed it to be him.

Black is – hang on – I stand corrected. Black isn’t the only brave man in Gryffindor it seems. Welcome Remus Lupin to the field.

Amelia’s eyebrows shot high on her forehead as she watched Remus jog onto the field, also in no clothes. Sirius and Remus high-fived – although it was obvious, even from this distance, how uncomfortable the latter was.

Out of the rest of James’ friend group – Remus was the last one she would have expected to join Sirius on the field. Her first guess would have been James himself – as he was usually Sirius’ partner-in-crime and had no shame about his body.

(Nor should he – Amelia had peeked a couple of times while they were in the locker room. She knows she probably shouldn’t have, but he’s incredibly good looking and she’s a teenage girl with little self-control.)

But, alas, he was up in the air on a broom not too far from her. 

Her next guess would have been Peter – mostly because she’s observed him doing whatever the other boys wanted him to do.

Remus, on the other hand, always seemed so quiet and shy. She had never actually talked to Remus, only ever seeing him afar off, often times with a book in his hands. She’d assumed he was the responsible one in the group, the only logical one. After all, he was a prefect.

Words her mother always used to say when she was growing up flashed into her mind.

It’s always the quiet ones you got to watch out for.

She hummed to herself wondering if perhaps she had judged his character incorrectly.

Amelia turned back to James, curious to know what his reaction was to this new development, and merely started laughing as she watched him shake his head while muttering, “I’m gonna kill them both.”

Realizing that someone’s eyes were on him, James looked up to see Amelia, and glanced down at the ball in her arms. He nodded to the ball and held his hands up, calling out, “Throw me the quaffle.”

Amelia did so without hesitation, he was the captain for a reason after all, and watched James for a moment as he caught it effortlessly and rode off on his broom to make a goal while the others were preoccupied.

Her attention was drawn back to the field when the announcer said:

Looks like we’ve got a couple of professors on the field to mitigate this problem. They’ll escort them off the field and – no! Black and Lupin and making a break for it! They’re running in the opposite direction – this is incredible!

Amelia shook her head as she realized it was Professor Slughorn and Professor Flitwick who were on the field. If they wanted to catch the boys, they really should have sent Professor McGonagall.

A flash of movement from the side caught her eye and Amelia glanced over just as James threw the Quaffle into the opposing team’s pitch, taking advantage of the other team’s Keeper’s attention being drawn away elsewhere.

We’ve got Lupin dodging a grab while Black is weaving in a criss-cross motion through-out the field. Can the professor’s catch them – Yes!”

Amelia abandoned watching James to look back onto the field, trying to see who had been caught. Professor Slughorn was hunched over, taking deep breaths, as Professor Flitwick had his wand out aimed at Sirius. Meanwhile, Sirius looked to be frozen in his place, face down in the grass with his butt sticking straight up into the air.

“Looks like Professor Flitwick was able to stop Black, who appears to have lost his foothold whilst trying to escape. Lupin on the other hand is – going – going – GONE! He is off of this field, ladies and gentlemen. The professors will just have to catch up with him later if they are displeased with his actions.

Amelia joined the crowd in clapping for Remus as he made his daring escape. Despite herself, she couldn’t help but be mildly impressed.

Looks like the excitement is over folks, time to go back to the game where Captain Potter has made a goal. Better keep a closer eye on those posts – wait – what’s this? Is that? Did he?

Amelia turned her head quickly to look over at Adrian, their team’s seeker, who was smiling while holding the golden snitch up in the air.

I don’t believe it: he has done it! Belts has caught the snitch! Gryffindor wins!

Joining in the cheers with the rest of her team (and her house), Amelia knew that this wasn’t a game she was likely to forget any time soon.


Me at 4, before I learned to control the obviousness of my Cerebral Palsy. Before I learned that I was different, before I thought to be embarrassed.

Me at 24, graduating college and not giving a fuck if anyone notices me limping across the stage because I worked my ass off and graduated college.

Last week, with my only true love, who will never care that I can’t walk without limping, or run a few feet without crying, or do most basic math without forgetting it all a few hours later, as long as I’m there for him every single day and cuddle him when he’s scared of thunderstorms, I am the world and my existence matters more than anyone or anything else.

Today, actively NOT being dead, like the doctor’s told my mom I would be when I was born at 21 weeks.

Eye see you #BlackOut day.

89. We are not allowed to move portraits from their wall to different places around the school.

I never realized how much I rely on the portraits for directions until we did this. - PP

Everyone does. That’s what made this so brilliant. - RL

Some of those portraits though are rather loud. I’ve never heard so many curse words coming from such a seemingly mild mannered woman in that portrait on the fourth floor. - JP

It felt like I was back at home with my ol’ mum really. - SB