Acceptance - Primer

Acceptance was an alternative rock band from Seattle, Washington. Formed in 1998, they released two EPs and one full-length album in the early 2000s. Their last album was released by Sony and they were just beginning to reach fame, when, out of some members’ pursuit of lives of normalcy, they disbanded in 2006. Most members went onto other bands (most notably guitarist Christian McAlhaney joined Anberlin), but lead singer Jason Vena, praised for his strong vocals, retired from the public eye for four years. He made his first post-Acceptance musical appearance last year when he lent guest vocals to Ivoryline’s “The Healing”. Acceptance’s sound varied from emo to piano-driven rock, maturing over the years.

I suggest you start with Phantoms and work your way backwards.

MP3s hosted on MediaFire.

Lost For Words EP (2000)



Don’t Mess With Texas

Things You Say

Black Lines to Battlefields EP (2003)

Seeing Is Believing

Bleeding Heart

Black Lines to Battlefields

Hold On

Phantoms (2005)

Take Cover

So Contagious



Glory/Us (My tumblr name yay!)


This Is Only A Test (Live)

Not Afraid (2006 Demo)

Desperate (2006 Demo)

Juliana (B-Side)

The Healing (Ivoryline feat. Jason Vena)