I wasn’t going to post bc I’ve been so worried about Hurricane Irma but I just wanted to remind ppl that it’s hitting the Caribbean right now and I hope you guys will keep them in their thoughts and prayers. I was born in Texas but I grew up in the Virgin Islands as well and that’s where my family is from. They’re the ones who first taught me what pride looks like and to love my blackness. Embracing my heritage and culture is what ultimately made me the confident person I am today and I just hope and pray to God that they will make it out of this alright.
Happy Blackout.

“I am going insane with anger but somehow I can maintain my sanity.. maybe it is because of you -It is because you are beside me- If I were alone .. I don’t know what would’ve happened.” (-Marie to kanda)

I am tired of y'all sleeping on Wynonna Earp!! It’s everything that Supernatural and Supergirl should have been!!!

The main 6 characters of Wynonna Earp:

• A pregnant badass lead
• Her adorable queer sister
• That sister’s kickass girlfriend
• Handsome, strong black mentor
• Gay Indian genius
• Token Straight White Guy (but he’s like 200 years old and has a cool mustache)

Season 1 is on Netflix and season 2 only gets better. It’s all on Sci-fi, PLEASE watch it!!

If you know the race of an actor/actress, refer to them as that. I’m sick of seeing ‘POC actor’ everywhere. If he’s Black, call him a Black actor. If she’s Indian, call her an Indian actress. It’s not that hard, people.


Check out my video / interviews with these AWESOME Black Indians.

Black Indian History is the biggest unwritten history in our nation. 

video by @vinceschilling


@pocpotterweek - day one - next generation

“the scar had not pained harry for nineteen years. all was well.”

( james, albus & lily - half black; rose & hugo - half black; victoire, dominique & louis - half korean; fred & roxanne - half black; molly & lucy - half indian; scorpius & teddy - chinese; lysander & lorcan - filipino )

anonymous asked:

so how do you feel about the claim that your art is racist?

hm, I…don’t know really? I guess I am not competent enough to decide.

You see, I don’t know what to think of this, because such a thing is very…strong, yet very vague. What exactly makes it racist? Did I draw someone not dark enough? If so, whom and why? I need to know these things so I can reflect back and see my drawings from a different perspective.

Because I always try to follow the descriptions and do my best on not…whitewashing? I’ve made a mistake of drawing a biracial (Angelina is black, George is white) character as white because in my mind 6 years ago it made perfect sense. I feel like I’ve grown enough to understand just how important media representation is for black people and why you shouldn’t take one potentially black character and make them white, since. everyone else is white already.

So in that sense, I try to do my best and draw people of colour as they are. The idea of whitewashing is not something I am fond of, nor I understand why people do that on the first place. especially if it’s full damn intentionally.

I guess there is someone who might consider me racist because I don’t headcanon characters with no mentioned skin colour as black? If so, personally, I do what’s closer to me and how my surroundings work. To get the idea, everyone around me were white (sometimes asian) up to very recently? I’m 23, and it’s the first time I had a chance to interract properly with a black guy who is my gym coach. Like, everyone here is primarily white, so it’s probably a bit different here. All the common problems that are talked about in US might be problems here, but people don’t talk about it. I have to find out everything on my own, so if I’m doing it slowly, please forgive me.

I’m all up for people to do/draw/write/percieve things (especially when it comes to fictional characters) the way that is the closest and the most relatable to them. If it would be black Hermione, or indian Harry, or as much PoC headcanons as people need - I can only appreciate and respect that. If I’m considered racist for doing the same but through my eyes, I am not sure what to do and what to think of it.

So…let me know your thoughts on this subject and I’ll read through it to get a better idea.