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Girls Show What Beauty Looks Like When It’s Not Appropriated

I am African American. The reason I wear my hair in an Afro is because I think it expresses exactly who I am, where I come from, and the people who have paved the way for me. I found it very difficult to be myself because there are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about black people and black hair. We shouldn’t have to question wearing our natural hair to a job interview; I wish people just understood how strong and beautiful it is. 

Edmonia Lewis (1844-1907)

Edmonia Lewis was a sculptor of African-American, Haitian, and Ojibwe descent who achieved fame for her use of the neoclassical style to depict subjects significant to her heritage. She was wildly successful during her lifetime and was even asked by former president Ulysses S. Grant to do his portrait in 1877. Some of her most famous pieces include Forever Free, Hagar, and Old Arrowmaker and His Daughter.

Watching orange is the new black and the one white girl said look at all these Mexicans & the other one said nah their Dominicans. Dominicans are the ones who play baseball and swear they're not black even though they're on the same island as Haiti. BITCHHHH OTNB IS OUT HERE throwing shade and speaking truth this season.
West Indian Thought: I really hope that this generation will be the one to stop promoting bleaching.. But first, we need to tackle colorism.

Stop cracking jokes and supporting vines about dark skinned ppl bleaching or hiding from the sun.

Stop requesting a “brownin” and ridiculing dark skinned women.

Understand that those who bleach are probably hurting and going thru some serious self hate.. They need healing, not shaming.

Idk about any other ethnic group.. I can only speak for mine. But we need to eradicate this bleaching thing. And to do that, we need to recognize the effects of colorism and do right by our people.

TBH, I'm still bitter from when american kids treated me like shit cuz im Jamaican

Im sure lots of people went thru a similar experience tho.. Being made fun of for ur culture only to have the same people love it years later. Like.. U were mocking my food and language and now u want me to teach u to cook jamaican food and whisper patois in ur ear? It sucks balls.
That’s probably why I don’t fw anyone from middle/high school. Shit makes my blood boil.