World Government has recently purchased 111 new black helicopters. There will be field training exercises all day Tuesday, August 13th. This day will not be a good day for play. Please remember to keep your children inside, your doors locked, and windows closed. Do not leave the house upon hearing any screams, moans, gurgles, laughter, or children whispering. Any person found not adhering to these requests will be taken. Thank you for your cooperation Night Vale.


Austrian Black Hawk by Sergio J. Padrón A

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A rare photo of a UH-60S refuelling over Syria, 8 May 2014. The UH-60S, or Stealth, is top-secret version of the Blackhawk workhorse helicopter equipped with the latest in detection-evasion technology. Each helicopter costs between seven and twelve billion dollars, and it is rumoured the United States possesses three hundred. Commonly used for CIA surveillance work, it is believed that UH-60S pilots on training flights gave rise to the “black helicopter” myth.

This particular bird, 119910 “Bad Motherfucker”, was seconded to the Navy for the ambitious April 2014 assassination attempt on Bashar al-Assad. When the SEAL team on board was compromised, an outraged Assad immediately declared war on the United States– though whether he can back it up with his waning security forces is quite a doubtful prospect.


Matthew Good - Black Helicopter