[Montauk - Part 3]

and you –


so what if the echoes of
chronos run through my
veins pumping nightmare
fuel into my heart and so
what if i’m made of things
that are dark

in nature?

we can pretend the universe
is not buried in the shadows
where God can’t see no matter
how bright that sun shines and
how fresh this air is that we breathe

our galaxy is moving 515,000 miles
per hour around a giant black hole
with shark teeth and we stand here
as pixels of consciousness –

grounded on our feet

praying to the dark sun and watching
the black helicopters burn.  what if we
are a string of unstable electrons in the
nucleus of an experimental dimension
bearing the consequences of it’s errors

at the mercy of a creator unwilling to accept defeat

moving between galaxy clusters and
different dimensions –

seeking the original path of the divine source
before it was hijacked and diverted by [classified]

our history is buried in the shadows and we’ve lost
touch with who we truly are and we still find a reason
to smile because even if the world collapses into nothing

we’ll still have each other.

favourite tony stark thing of the day: the amount of fucking effort and detail he puts into his Aesthetic™

Like,,we can’t just have a machine that removes his red and gold high tech flying suit of armour NO SIR it has to be Spinny And Cool As Shit on a landing pad that connects to the penthouse of his Skyscraper with his Name On It in Glowing Letters,,,

gotta have that Black And Gold Stark Helicopter gotta have Constant Sunglasses and Super Precise Facial Hair and now he’s doing a 24hr Suit Situation with Soft Colours everything has to glow a specific shade of blue or it is Incorrect

like it’s even better knowing that if you left this nerd alone with no responsibilities for a few days you’d come back to find that he’s been in jeans and a band t shirt reinventing the roomba in his basement and has completely forgotten about the concepts of sleep and personal hygiene
Mysterious black helicopter 'chases UFO' in scenes straight out of the X-Files
Window cleaner Darren Cooper raced to get his camera after spotting a small dark object zooming across the evening sky
By Rachel Bishop

19 December 2016

“Mysterious Black Helicopter Spotted Near UFO..”

EXERPT FROM SOURCE: Darren, who lives in Southampton, said: “As I went back into the house to look at the footage, within two minutes the helicopter was above the house so I ran back outside with the camcorder and the chopper was on the same path as the object in the sky.

"Notice in the video the helicopter is turning as if looking for something.”

Black helicopters showing up after UFO sightings have been reported across the world since the 1960s but nobody has managed to film one.

They are said to be a covert military force engaged in a secret UFO monitoring program.

Declassified FBI files have revealed how ranchers in Colorado reported seeing the jet-black aircraft during a wave of cattle mutilation cases where animals had organs removed with surgical precision and were completely drained of blood.

Some investigators even claim to have been harassed by these ‘phantom’ helicopters, which sometimes fly silently and have no identification markings.


|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| COSMIC TOP SECRET ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||



* *

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| MAJIC EYES ONLY |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

ok, so i am about to post my first fic, be kind please.  This is how I imagine season 11, but mostly i had to get them off the damn bridge.

Part 1 

As Scully stares up at the hovering light above her on the bridge she can’t help but think; I always knew we’d die together.  It’s right somehow.  This is how it should be.  Neither of them cowering alone in some dark alley.  No, she thinks as she reaches out and takes Mulder’s hand.  We go out together, starring down the truth.  This is how it’s suppose to go. 

As she closes her eyes tilting her head back, allowing the sick light to wash over her, she squeezes Mulder’s hand takes what she believes will be her final breathe, then slowly releases it out.

Suddenly confusion hits her all at once.  She thinks she is hearing helicopter blades.  She opens her eyes and sees a black helicopter hovering 15 feet above her head.

       “oh my god.” she whispers

       “Agent Scully we don’t have much time!”  It’s Agent Doggett, and for a moment Scully thinks maybe they have died.

       “Scully we have to move!”  Agent Doggett lowers a gurney down to her, with Agent Miller’s help they get Mulder strapped in and Doggett pulls him into the chopper.

       “Climb up!”  Doggett yells as he drops down one of those terrifying fabric ladders.  As Scully starts to climb she feels the chopper begin to raise up.

      “What about Agent Miller?”

      “I’ll send Skinner back for him, but we have to go!”

Scully looks down toward Agent Miller shouting at the top of her lungs that they’ll come back for him.  Even though she’s certain he hasn’t heard a word.

Scully finally makes it into the helicopter, as she thumps to the floor she turns to see Skinner slam the door shut.

       “Here, we have to get this in him now!”  As Doggett thrust an I.V. bag at her.

       “It won’t help him.” she mutters despondently.

       “It’s from your son.”  Scully’s mouth gapes open.  A million questions fire through her mind at once.  Skinner places a hand on her shoulder.

       “It’s true Scully.  I know you have questions but we have to get this into his system now.”

Scully sets about putting in the I.V. when she is sure that a very unconscious Mulder is still alive and receiving the I.V.’s contents, she turns all her attention to Agent Doggett.

       “Start talking!  One of you better tell me what the hell is going on.  How did you get this from my son?”  Doggett and Skinner exchange an uncomfortable glance.

       “Now god damn it!”

Skinner finally speaks up,

       “I didn’t Scully.  Agent Doggett did.”  Scully turns to face Doggett.

       “How do you know where he is?”

       “I’ve known for a long time Agent Scully.”

       “I don’t understand.”  Scully puts her head in her hands, fighting back tears she licks her top lip, and looks Agent Doggett dead in the eye.

      “Are you working for The Smoking Man too?  You sell your soul just like Agent Reyes?”  Doggett shifts uncomfortably at the sound of her name.

      “No.  Monica and I parted ways a long time ago.”  Skinner puts his hand on Scully’s shoulder.

      “He’s telling the truth.  Just hear him out.”  Scully looks back at Doggett, still uncertain.

      “Explain yourself.”  Doggett rubs his forehead and releases a heavy breathe.

      “After you and Mulder left Monica and I were running The X-Files.  It went about how you’d expect, for the first year anyway.  Then slowly i started to see changes in her.  Not all at once, it was gradual I didn’t think much of it.  Monica started going through all the old case files.  She started taking them home at night, that is when she even went home.  I’d come in, in the morning find her asleep at her desk.  Files spread out everywhere, post-its with manically scribbled notes stuck on everything.  I told her i thought she was going off the deep end, taking it all to far.  She fed me some crap about doing The X-Files justice.  Doing you and Mulder proud.  She promised me she would slow down, then she took a week off.  Didn’t hear from her once.  I was getting pretty worried when she finally showed back up, sat me down and told me we had to talk.  She told me everything.  That all this (gestures wildly around him his arms circling overhead) was going to happen.  I thought she’d finally snapped.”

      “I think it’s pretty clear she had.” Scully scoffs at the understatement of Agent Doggett’s last comment.

      “Yea Agent Scully, she had.  She told me about the deal she made with Smoking Man.  Said that I could come with her.  That he could protect me too….  She broke my heart.  I told her I could never do that.  Then I begged her to change her mind.  I offered her everything, anything.  I told her we could leave The X-Files behind.  She said she had made her choice.  I told her you don’t go to the devil looking for salvation.  She just laughed at me, told me I didn’t understand.  She said ‘It’s all going to end in flames John.  Why not be the one setting the fires.  At least that way, you know which direction to run.’  Then she got up and left.  I haven’t seen her since.”

Scully shifts in her seat, shaking her head a little she reaches out to touch Doggett’s hand.

       “I’m sorry Agent Doggett, I know what she meant to you.  But you still haven’t explained how you know where my son is.”  Doggett puts his hand over Agent Scully’s,

       “Once Monica left I had a lot of time on my hands alone in that office.  After what she’d told me, after what you and I had been through, everything in The X-Files, something inside was telling me that I had to find your son.  Keep him safe.  I got a hold of one of The Lone Gunmen’s old contacts.  With this persons help, and about a year of quietly searching, I found him.  I’ve been watching over him ever since.”  Scully is crying now. Tears slowly setting tracks in her cheeks.

        “You’ve seen him?  Is he alright?”

        “He’s fine Agent Scully.  Better than fine.  Healthy, happy and loved.  His family loves him very much.”

        “Do…”  Scully is choking back sobs.  “Do they know who you are?  Have you talked to him?”

        “No.  I’ve spent the years watching from a distance.  Always there.  Just in case.”  Scully wipes the tears from her face, taking both Doggett’s hands in hers.

        “Thank you Agent Doggett, you have no idea….. Thank you.  Please don’t say anything to Mulder.  I have to be the one to tell him.  When he’s in a more stable condition.  I’ll tell him.”  Skinner leans over and pats Scully’s knee.

        “Of course Agent Scully, of course.” 

Scully takes a deep breathe holding it in as if by doing so, she can keep all this new information from seeping through her, pulling emotions from her veins that she’d long since tried to bury.  With a small shake of the head as to set her mind on track, she turns to Skinner.

        “Where are we going?”

        “We’re taking you and Agent Mulder to a secure location in West Virginia.  They’ll be looking for you both.”

         “And William?”  she can barley get the question out.

         “Agent Doggett and I are going to get him and his family.  Don’t worry Agent Scully, we’re going to keep him safe.”



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Petty Officer 3rd Class Kyle O’Brien handles a rescue winch during a routine plane guard flight in an MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter assigned to the Black Knights of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 4 over the Pacific Ocean near the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70).
(U.S. Navy Photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Zackary Alan Landers/Released)

Sunset Assault    

UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters arrive at the pickup zone as the sun sets over Fort Drum, N.Y., Oct. 15, 2016. The air assault involved soldiers from 1-89 Cavalry and was part of the 10th Mountain Division’s annual Mountain Peak exercise. Army photo by Spc. Thomas Scaggs