Confession: At 16, its really hard going through depression when all people tell you is that it may be ‘a phase’ or ‘teenaged moodiness’. Like, no. I’ve been sad and hating myself since I was eleven, don’t try to convince me that its something I’ll just ‘get over’. And in my opinion, the ‘Fake it Till You Make It’, phrase is total and utter bullcrap. That’s basically saying, “Hey, you’re about ready to explode and you’re going through a lot, but don’t let anybody know so they can help you before its too late”. Just, no.

So I’ve been thinking I have depression lately, and we’re learning about mental health in health class, so I looked up the symptoms and I know I have it. I told my mom this after school, and I told her i wanted to schedule an appointment with my doctor, and she said they won’t do anything for me but make it worse, and that their are natural ways of coping with it. I told her listening to music helps, and when I do yoga, also i’ve been writing in a journal, but she also knows i used to cut, so idk why she wouldn’t take this more seriously. I haven’t cut lately, but i don’t want things to get bad, so im just scared.


#Every28Hours (2/23/15): Meet Janisha. Janisha was involved in a domestic dispute with her girlfriend, which resulted in her girlfriend calling the police to take her in for a mental health evaluation. Janisha’s girlfriend warned the officer’s upon entry into their apartment that she had a knife, but the she didn’t believe that she would hurt them, stressing again that Janisha was unstable and needed evaluation. When Janisha did not drop the knife, an officer proceeded to shoot her twice. According to Janisha’s neighbors she was a quiet and small young woman, barely standing above five feet. According to her girlfriend, Janisha was more than 6 feet away from the cops who shot her. Janisha’s story is not an easy one, but she deserved a chance at life, not a bullet when she needed help. Uplift her name. Janisha Fonville, we fight for you now too. #staywoke #farfromover



She is 76 years old “he started working out in her 50′s which truly shows no one is ever too old to get fit! She was trained by a former Mr. America.” “She runs 10 miles or more a day? How many of us can’t even run 1 mile at a time?”

“If we, as women and men, truly look to our elders, like Mrs. Ernestine Shepherd, we could learn so much. Its time that we, as people, find a true purpose. We write so much on the negative issues in our world, when we there are wonderful examples of the good side of our world like Mrs. Shepherd. If we could really focus on self preservation, respecting others and helping others in what we do, God would be so pleased. Let’s get inspired by this angel of a woman that should make anyone jump up and get a heads start on being fit for life. We’re running at this moment….!! Lol”