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Her gorgeous face has probably graced your dashboard many-a-times and you probably already follow Nik aka cosmic-noir . She’s an extraordinary makeup artist who has created some of the most amazing makeup, cosplay and SFX looks I’ve ever seen, from Monsters to Mermaids. I really wanted to ask her a few questions about her art and inspiration and a few tips she has for Black pastels.  I’m really happy to kick off a new feature here on called PrettyBlackPastel: Blogger Q+A With:… and NIK aka Cosmic-Noir is our first blogger!

Pretty Black Pastel:  What made you want to become a makeup artist?
NIK: I have always been a creative person. When I was younger, I was in awe of fictitious creatures: fairies, dragons, monsters, you name it! I wanted to BE them, and that’s when I started to experiment with SFX and body painting. As I got older, I got into beauty makeup, but SFX still holds a special place in my heart.

PBP: What inspires you artistically?
N:Everything! I find a story in everything I see, and my mind just runs with it. The work of Guillermo del Toro inspires me to be better as well.

PBP: What is your favorite pastel lipstick shade?
N: This one is hard! I have a few: Lilac Flush (Maybelline), Peach Poppy (Maybelline), Angel (MAC), Kool (Muy Linda), Whirl (MAC) with white liner in the center.

PBP: Top makeup tips for girls with pastel hair?
N: Go bold with a super smoky eye and nude lips! I love that combo with very light hair. Or go with a neutral eye look, (or no shadow at all) with just liner, mascara, lashes, and a bold lip for an edgy look. I also suggest experimenting with colorful eyeliners.

PBP: Advice for black people wanting to try the pastel trend?
N: Do it. You’ll look amazing. Our skin is IN, boo! And there is nothing that doesn’t look amazing on us. (:

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