How to fade dark spots!



Dear Black Tumblr,

Please don’t be so harsh on some of us because we are not woke or as woke as you are. Some of as are still in the process. Not everyone learns at the same pace. We cannot all be aware of everything that is taking place. So when you see any black individual going the wrong way or still asleep, a good prodding will do. Dismissing people won’t work if anyone is doing that. Most of Black Tumblr seems to be African Americans and we are not all from there or ever been there. So what we know of your experiences is what we see on TV and the internet. We can only know about our own situations the most but we would also like to know yours because what is really going down in some parts of the United States rights now make us really concerned for your safety. We are trying to do what we can to support and the only way some of us can support each other is through social media.

Peace and Love to you all.