7 Awesome Black Women You Need To Know About Right Now

As a black woman, I believe that Black History Month isn’t just about reflecting on the past and thinking of ways to change the present, but also celebrating and supporting black people who have made an impact, big or small. That means it could be anyone from MLK to Lupita Nyong’o to your black grandma. Taking the time to acknowledge awesome black people is so important because, frankly we often don’t get the praise we deserve in a mainstream context.

Last year

I wrote up a list of awesome black women you need to know about and I’m back this year to do it again. This time I’m featuring black women who you might seriously know absolutely nothing about…but should. So check out these seven black women (and girls) who you should totally follow and support well beyond the confines of Black History Month.


Light skinned vs. dark skinned is a bunch of crap. Black is black and black is beautiful. We need to stop saying stuff like ‘brown skins winning’. Whether you’re a black girl with dark skin and deep brown eyes, a light skin with hazel eyes, or anything in between, you’re still black. There is already racism and tension between different races, and we don’t need to break up our own people. #BLACKGIRLSWINNING