Okay but what if The Cool Kids went through their awkward middle school phases together 

Like just imagine

Sour Cream was a weeaboo that listened to nothing but Vocaloid and played Love Live and collected figurines and wore Naruto headbands

Jenny was a scene kid that wore an excessive amount of black eye makeup and neon nail polish and wore Blood on The Dancefloor t-shirts w/leggings

Buck was that kid that overused the hell out of the word “random” and ended every typed sentence with XD and found humor in things like “I liek pie” and meme faces

They became such different people come freshman year that the only ones who know about their embarrassing phases are each other, and they like to pretend that part of their lives never happened ever

(s/o to shsl-prick for coming up with this idea and letting me make a post about it)