starryghost  asked:

hi! do you have a favorite kind of tea? or if you could make a tea based off the characters of the magicians what would they be like?

This is such a cute ask omfg

Okay, so I think my favorite tea is either a blend I get at my local loose leaf shop, being “German Gingerbread” which tastes like gingerbread liquefied, or Wimbledon Blend, or perhaps Scottish Breakfast Tea.

As for the Magicians tea characters!

Quentin: Black tea, with black currant, rose hips and vanilla.  This would feel warm, comforting and pleasant with a darker, richer taste too with a vague English vibe from the currant.  It would be cozy but also feel kind of “Fillory,” which would make me think of Quentin.

Eliot:  Assam black, with lavender and cloves.  Floral and bold and with a hint of spice would give off a glamorous, powerful “Eliot” vibe.  Cloves can be a pun off his smoking habit, and lavender can be a pun off Eliot himself.  Between the flavor and the higher caffeine content, it’ll be fit for a king.

Alice: Green tea, peppermint and raspberry.  This would be a really clean tea, and the peppermint would keep you alert and provide a small amount of snap to it, and the raspberry is there for sweetness.  Together, I think it reminds me of Alice.

Janet/Margo: Rooibos with cardamom and cocoa powder.  This would give her a nice color to start off with, and also a bit of sweetness, and some kick from the cardamom, and it would also just sort of feel lush and glamorous to drink in a way that fits Queenly Margo/Janet.

Penny: Green tea with jasmine & holy basil.  This would be a somewhat bitter green tea, not quite as cozy as a black one, but also with a lot of body, flavor and a certain floralness to it.

Julia: Black tea with rose hips, cardamom & coriander.  I like this, because it could be kind of bitter and have a spicy note to it, but it could also be prepared simply feeling grand and pleasant, and it makes me think of demigoddess Julia.

This was a really fun ask to do and I did a lot of thinking! Thanks!

Blackcurrant - tart, strong 

Rivamika Week 2015 - Day 1
Hades and Persephone -
based on A Taste of Pomegranate by alienheartattack

She is almost knocked out of character when she is finally face-to-face with Levi. She looks him up and down, a shocked look on her face, and sees that he has been transformed, the angles of his face highlighted with black and blue makeup. Black eyeshadow has been smeared around both his eyes and across the bridge of his nose, making his already intense gaze that much more focused. His arms and chest are similarly contoured. He looks otherworldly, darkly powerful. By contrast, Mikasa shines like a pearl in his darkened arms, the harsh stage lights reflecting off of the powder coating her skin.

Done in: Photoshop and Paint tool Sai - 6 hours