character development one.

001. BASICS.

FULL NAME. Sirius Orion Black
BIRTHDAY. 3 November 1959
GENDER. Cisgender male
SEXUALITY. Homosexual homoromantic
SPOKEN LANGUAGES. English; mediocre Spanish; written Latin.
BIRTHPLACE. London, United Kingdom.
RELATIONSHIP STATUS. A lone ranger single.
BLOOD STATUS. Pureblood.
ALIGNMENTS. The Order of the Phoenix & Aversio.

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This fire agate is just spot on for what Saganja looks like. 

For a soul stone, she’s feisty and stubborn, but she’s a great magical match for Clover. Her favorite form is a dagger and if she likes you, she’ll make sure you don’t get your head cut off in a fight.

If you think her soul stone is intense, just be glad you didn’t know her when she was alive. She was not a dragon to mess with.

You can read chapter one of Clover Raine and the Black Dragon at

Killer Black Widow shot by
I don’t know if I’ve already said, but I am unfortunately retiring my Black Widow jumpsuit because it has started to fall apart 😥
But no worries, I have some plans for Miss Romanov

About Representation

i often see many people talking about how good and progresive and important is to have characters of differents race, sexuality ,religion etc.

and as a decent person i agree , for the simple fact that those people EXIST. So it would made no sense to have a group/community/world made only of a specific type of person (like whites, straight people). if someone would do that it is obviously a problem there…

Now (and keep in mind this is my opinion and as always goes with kindness and it expect the same in return) there is something about when people say things like “OH CERTAIN CHARACTER IS FROM THIS RACE SO NOW KIDS FROM THIS RACE WILL IDENTIFY AND RELATE TO IT” that bugs me… cause it make me feel like we are sort of “separating” people; “black kids will  like black character, trans girls loves trans character” and the conclusion i get from these comments it’s that we are defining a person for only one aspect of it… for example i feel DEEPLY identified with frank zhang a chinese boy, and i’m a white latina girl, i don’t need a character to be physically like me to feel empathy and see me reflected in it. OF COURSE I LOVE TO SEE A LATIN AMERICAN GIRL LIKE REYNA IN THE SERIES , I LOVE HER. but that doesn’t mean i feel identified with reyna in any other aspect.

what i mean is, wouldnt it be good if we could all empatize and recognize ourselves in any character because of his personality and feelings rather than sexuality, ethnicity,etc? it just doesnt seem positive to me to have a state of mind in which you need someone share your skin color or religion to relate to it.

During October, I did an art challenge (sorry I couldn’t show them until now, I had to travel to get them scanned).

The prompt ideas came from this-

I decided to make characters who were witches (and other types of magic users) that fit the themes. I also decided that I should make them all full-body designs, so I have more practice making poses as well as outfits.

I knew I was going to give Black Cat a ponytail so it could be like a “cat tail”, and something like a casual goth/punk style (all black with some rips in the fabric, but not extreme). I still wasn’t sure how to really sell the “cat” theme, even with her making a kitty-face. Then It came to me; witch hat with two cones, like cat ears! It may not be the most spectacular thing ever, but I’m happy about it. She has an attitude that shifts from being flirty to aloof, relaxed to exited. She enjoys sneaking around in the dark, and also really likes shiny things.


new blog rule:

if you want me to review your fic with a black/ndn character in it you gonna have to give me something in return

whether it be 5 bucks on paypal or some art i do not care and im not gonna do intellectual labor for free anymore
What 'Watch Dogs 2' Gets So Right, and So Wrong, About Race - Waypoint
Waypoint EIC Austin Walker and Columnist Cameron Kunzelman take to a letter series to discuss Watch Dogs 2's take on race and erasure.

Like you said in the Waypoint podcast a little while back, protagonist Marcus Holloway is a black man who doesn’t have to stand in for all black people; by virtue of two central characters being black, we get to see a wider range of black life. Horatio Carlin, or Ratio, is another critical DedSec character, and his and Marcus’s interactions are some of the most interesting and crucial scenes in contemporary gaming.

And, despite all of that, I think Watch Dogs 2 really fucks it up. You know what I’m talking about?

On race in Watch Dogs 2. (Spoilers after the quoted section.)

Here’s an idea I’d love to see someone better at psychology do- and if it already exists, please link me: Mick agrees to let Amaya “teach him to tame his inner animal” (which is unfortunate phrasing for both a mentally ill character and a black character from africa) but, as time goes by she eventually realizes somewhere along the line that Mick switched things up on her. It’s no longer Amaya helping him control his impulses, it’s Mick getting her to begin processing her own grief.

Because seriously- if she loved Rex enough to incur the troubles inherent with mixed race relations in the 40s but has next to no emotional response asides from the initial episode (and in fact very little emotional response to most things), you cannot convince me she isn’t repressing the hell out of her emotions. You can say she’s just stoic but I’m not buying that to any degree.

And Mick, he’s not a therapist by any means but he’s seen enough of them to at least get her started in recognizing she has issues that need addressing.  He reveals he’s read and taken several psychology courses through the years because he knows he has problems. He knows he’s angry and impulsive and he has a dangerous mania, he’s gone through enough cycles of self-loathing to try to help himself. He’s a 40+ year old who’s been in and out of therapy for almost 30 years, he’s been to dozens of anger management classes, he’s tried medication, alternative medicines, yoga at one point (which only succeeded in making him feel older, ow), even attempted a couple different religious communes when he was at some spectacularly low points- there is literally nothing she could suggest to him that Mick hadn’t already tried. But hey, she actually made an effort to help him and needed her own help no one else seemed to notice and it’s not like anyone was fighting for his time anyway so he figured why the hell not. Do something useful for once.

Then they become friends and respect each other and finally someone on the damn show deal with their mental health in a productive way.

anonymous asked:

even if it was some sort of diabolical truscum smear campaign, that doesn't erase their racist ass art tho. Rory is a white passing mexican, that doesn't excuse them only drawing hairy dark skinned mexican women, massive tooth gaps in most of the black characters they draw, buck teeth for the asians they draw, and oh can't forget their amazing personality. They've yelled at people for letting them know their art was stolen despite people can't do shit unless you own the copyright. Rory is an ass

there is tangible evidence for everything theyve done. Racism, transphobic art, mocking people on their twitter who were trying to let them know that their art was stolen by some tshirt company. There’s quite a bit of evidence here…but ITS GOTTA BE A smear campaign.

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Name/Nickname: Vanna/V

Gender: Genderfluid(currently idk wtf it is)

Height: Last I checked I was over 5′6″?

Hogwarts House: Slytherin!

Favourite Colour: Black

Fictional character I’d like as a sibling: Alma Karma

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 duvet

Dream vacation: Japan, which I shall be going to in 2018 :D

What I’m currently wearing: My Totoro onesie

Do you get asks on a regular basis: Not really I don’t think, idk I can’t remember how often I get them tbh

Aesthetic: Gothic/Visual Kei

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Last thing I googled: Lotus Pain lyrics (oh boy was that a world of hurt)

Favourite music artists: FVK. Sister Shotgun(go listen to them [here] they’re great and lovely <3). The GazettE, Miss Vincent, Vukovi, William Control, Aiden, David Bowie, Creeper, SCANDAL, abingdon boys school, FLOW, Bonnie Pink, BUCK-TICK, SID, MCR and so, so, so many more

Do you have any other blogs: I have @anmerias-manuscripts for my writing stuff which I hope to start using soon, my (VERY)NSFW one @gothslutv, my old blog @vanna-lethal-insanity and @hellboundsoulsoffallenangel-blog an old blog I’d use when I got depressed to keep my normal one clear of that shit.

Why did you choose your URL: Well “Vanna” was because it’s my name. I’ve always loved the term “Trash Queen” so I kept the “Trash” part as it’s highly accurate to me and my blog content but used “Liege” instead of “Queen” as it’s a gender neutral term

Average hours of sleep: what is this sleep you speak of

Lucky number: 13

Favourite characters: There are far too many for me to ever list them all…

Dream job: See I have a few that I think would be really cool; Author, Tour Manager, Singer (none are realistic lololol)

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