Please submit more black characters for #BHM!

Thanks for all the reblogs on our initial celebrate black game characters post! However, a) it’s getting unwieldy to reblog, b) some characters added to the post are ‘headcanoned’ as black/or are voiced by black actors. And c) we are getting a lot of the same characters over, and over.

So please submit black characters for our celebration of Black History Month via

Mod Note: Non-Human Characters are not being accepted as black for the purposes of our wanting to celebrate game characters because there is a problematic and long history of dehumanizing black people by equating them to animals/non humans in history and in games. A brown-skinned non human does not automatically equal being a black character.

We’ve already gotten the following a few times over:

  • Vivienne De Fer
  • Ser Barris
  • Lee from the Walking Dead
  • Nilin from Remember Me
  • Clementine (also from the Walking dead)
  • Most fighting game characters

Thank you!!

~mod @cypheroftyr

Fictional characters take us away from the cruelty of people, reality in general, and take us away to this wonderful world where anything our heart desires can happen.
—  Me. Lacey Campbell
(Please don’t steal this)

It’s great that Agent Carter now has a recurring black male character in the form of Jason Wilkes and that he will be a love interest for Peggy. Now Agent Carter can join Supergirl and Jessica Jones, in the white feminist shows where the leads have a black love interest who the fandom jumps over leaps and bounds to ignore club. I can’t wait to see what great racism is in store from a fandom that literally tried to guilt women of color into watching a show that they had no interest in watching in the first place because “feminism”.