Can we talk about this scene for a minute because he´s saying such things right after he slept with Beast, and this fact is making this joke really ironic and wicked. Just how funny you think you are you damn demon trash

why do I even love this character

Okay, here are some Black Butler headcannons of mine.

When that nun was talking about hearing “beautiful sounds from the bedroom” -priest molesting little boys

When Sebastian made everyone wait outside Undertaker’s shop. -He showed Undertaker his wang which is surprisingly of inadequate length. You know? Everyone thinks he’s gotta use a meter stick to measure that thing, but what if actually it’s really small and Undertaker is the only one who knows now.

When Sebastian saved Ciel from the falling statue, they would’ve kissed if the dragon light thingies hadn’t interrupted them.

At the end, Angela said something along the lines of, “If you won’t take me in the lunar form of a woman….” becomes ash “Then I will come to you as a man…and be the sun.” -Angela is willing to be gay for Sebastian.

Mei-Rin is said to have “inhuman” eyes. -She’s part demon.

Hannah has had a sword shoved down her throat, and then a whole fucking arm whenever someone wants the sword. -She has no gag reflex and can give fabulous blowjobs.

You know how Claude flips his shit whenever Ciel does literally anything?    -Orgasms. Every time.

That’s all I got for now.