I’ve rewatched Black Books again and it still makes me laugh. I still wonder though if they would ever do a series 4. It ended a tad too soon. Even an extra episode to conclude it all would have been great. I also wondered whether Fran and Bernard would have just ended up together in the end. Those two were always just as hopeless as the other (although Manny is supposed to be hopeless too) and they enjoyed smoking and drinking together. Fran always cared about Bernard… and Fran was the only human being Bernard was soft on. Although arguably Manny ended up as someone Bernard could tolerate, but only on rarities. Maybe it was unrequited? Maybe Bernard always loved her deep down but Fran always preferred their long lasting friendship? But then Fran was the only one who tolerated Bernard for he was. She never got annoyed at him about who he was, but just for how he would treat Manny. Fran just got on with it and knew he wouldn’t ever change. She just seemed fine with it.

It’s just such a shame it didn’t end properly.