ArtsWells Festival has announced the lineup for its annual four-day celebration of music, workshops, and “All Things Art.” The 11th annual festival will take place from July 31st to August 3rd, featuring 80 musical acts performing on 9 different stages in the towns of Wells and Barkerville, B.C.

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RVIVR - Rainspell

Shit, I peeped a couple show dates for RVIVR and Propaghandi, that would be one helluva’ lineup. I wish North-Western Canada got more out of town Folk-Punk acts. We have a bustling wonderful grassroots community up here that hold some of my favorite artists, as well due to the tight nature of the community have had the pleasure of being friends with them. Shout out to Sober Becky, Joey Only, Black Spruce Bog, Shadows Cast, High Society, Bindles and Bombs, Wet Blanket Motor Inn, Mediocre Minds, and Drum and Bell Tower. Thanks for making the scene fruitful and sharing your art with us all. I had a good conversation today with a bestie about how wonderful a foundation music makes for a community, a participatory art show where we all become the canvas. 

I like my pretty pretty ugly.

wasacoyote liked for a starter.

         “ have we — MET ? 

                — because there’s something FAMILIAR about
                the girl that he just can’t pin down, a certain
                kinship that he doesn’t UNDERSTAND.

                        ( a SCRATCHING in the back
                          of his mind. )